COA credibility under a cloud


(By Jefferson Antiporda and Joel M. Sy Egco, Top Stories, November 30, 2013)
Ngayon lang nahabla ang mga COA Auditors, ibig sabihin ginawa nila ang anomalya noong 2007-2009. Hindi kaya ginagawa pa rin nila ang anomalya mula 2010 hanggang 2013. Di naman natigil ang ang PDAF disbursements noong 2009.

Rein Carnation,


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  1. COA credible? Hahahahaha. Forced na lang because of the outcry against the govt. thanks to the mamamayan led by the Million People March.

  2. Yes we should stop complaining about the crackdown of corrupt COA auditors and instead guard eagle eyed that something good will result in the prosecution and conviction these auditors. It is a known practice that it is the Audited agencies who lobby to the Chief CoA Commissioner for their preferred in-house Auditor. The COA commissioner normally obliged to the lobby for so many million reasons.

  3. I believe the COA is more credible than the Senators and Congressmen who were charged with money laundering/corruption.
    This is typical “blowing smoke into my a..”!

  4. at least this transparency and crackdown of corruption is now being not only exposed but investigated and prosecuted. this has never been done before in past administrations. these big crooks were normally untouchable in the past but now they are being monitored and chased upon. so we should stop complaining on the crackdown and should be glad so we can recoup our loses and let them pay back in short its payback time crooks.