• Coaches Angelo and Anthony Lozada demand retraction, apologies from Columnist Susan Papa


    2/F Sitio Grande Building
    409 A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros Manila 1020

    MRS. JOAN MOJDEH No. 19 Lanaval St., Remmanville Subd.,Brgy. Don Bosco, Paraiiaque City

    Subject: Demand to Retract damaging statements against Coach Angelo R. Lozada and Coach Anthony R. Lozada

    Dear Ms. Papa and Mrs. Mojdeh:
    Your (Ms. Papa) article in the Manila Times on 2 November 2015 containing statements damaging to the reputation of our clients was brought to our attention for immediate legal action. We specifically refer to your article “(T)he truth will set us free” wherein you particularly referred to Coach Angelo R. Lozada (Coach Angelo), to wit:

    “Another was Jasmine Mojdeh. At the age of nine, she was also recruited. As narrated by her mother Joan, while watching the 78th University Athletic Association of the Philippines swimmning competition, Angelo Lozada approached Jasmine putting his arm on her shoulder and told her, “Ano event mo?” Butterfly, dito ka na lang sa amin sa La Salle-Zobel may scholarship.

    After so much talking when Lozada left, Jasmine asked her mother, “Doon ba si Kuya Aki? And her mother answered,”Yes, pero binawalan sila lumaban sa PSL.”

    These statements are malicious and all lies.

    No less than another parent in the person of Cathy Lorbes, the mother of Inaki “Aki” Lorbes who was likewise mentioned in the said article, had witnessed the said chance encounter among Coach Angelo, you, Mrs. Mojdeh, and your daughter while watching the said swimming competition. Ms. Lorbes could and is very much willing to attest under oath that what really happened were as follows:

    1.) Coach Angelo was watching the swim competition side by side with Ms. Lorbes along the railing of the Rizal Memorial Grand Stand and the area was packed with spectators. Mrs. Lorbes was on the left side of Coach Angelo;

    2.) After a couple of minutes, Jasmine stood on the left side of Mrs. Lorbes with her mother Mrs. Joan Mojdeh on the left side of Jasmine to cheer for the son of Mrs. Lorbes, Aki;

    3.) Mrs. Lorbes while waiting for the event of Aki to start, introduced Jasmine to Coach Angelo as a very good swimmer and also introduced the mom Mrs. Joan Mojdeh to Coach Angelo;

    4.) Coach Angelo being polite, talked to Jasmine and asked her what her favorite stroke was, to which she replied “butterfly”. Then he asked her best time in a 50m. fly event and encouraged her by saying she has a good time;

    5.) Coach Angelo then congratulated the mom, Mrs. Mojdeh and asked her who Jasmine’s coach was and where they live and where they train;

    6.) Coach Angelo, then thinking that Mrs. Mojdeh was looking for a Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS) venue, mentioned that they have a program in De La Salle Zobel and since Mrs. Mojdeh is from Paranaque, he also mentioned Elizabeth Seton School;

    7.) During this conversation, Coach Joey Andaya joined Coach Angelo on his right side;

    8.) Then the event of Aki Lorbes started and that was the last time Coach Angelo talked to Jasrnine and Mrs. Mojdeh;

    9.) After the event of Aki, Mrs. Lorbes, Jasmine and Mrs. Mojdeh left the area.

    Coach Angelo stayed along with Coach Joey Andaya and discussed about coaching and swimming.

    Coach Joey Andaya, whom Mrs. Mojdeh mentioned in her text messages to Coach Anthony as a witness to what you wrote about is also willing to attest under oath that the situation never took place.

    In other words, the truth is:
    1.) There was no recruitment or offer of any scholarship that transpired;

    2.) More importantly, Coach Angelo never laid his hands on the child as he was standing away from her, with Mrs. Lorbes, in between them. In no way Coach Angelo could be able to lay hands on Jasmine’s shoulders as you had written in your column because the place was packed with spectators and Mrs. Lorbes was in between him and Jasmine.

    Then again, in the Facebook wall of the Philippine Swimming League (PSL), in your reply to Mr. Dunn Lawrence Sahagun, you (Ms. Papa) had imputed more damaging statements against Coach Angelo and his brother, Coach Anthony, to quote:

    “And please, in your message in Facebook, you mentioned that you will call on BLSS officials herein:

    Anthony Lozada, President and ClliefExecutive Officer

    Angelo Lozada, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    And when you meet please inform them to stop bothering Mrs. Joan Mojdeh with calls and text messages and saying that his mother is bothered by this and etc. She seems to be pestered by Anthony Lozada’s calls and text messages and has to turn off her cellphone. xxx”

    This is another blatant lie. Coach Angelo never bothered to call or text Mrs. Mojdeh despite the damaging statements, which according to you, she had fed on you. While Coach Anthony, being a long-time friend of Mrs. Mojdeh, after having read your column, called and texted her not to “pester” her but to seek clarification about that alleged incident involving Coach Angelo. Mrs. Mojdeh replied and was even apologetic about it. We have records of this exchange of messages to disprove your accusation that Mrs. Mojdeh was pestered by Coach Anthony.

    In view of the foregoing, DEMAND is hereby served upon you (Ms.Papa) to retract these damaging and malicious statements against the persons of Coach Angelo R. Lozada and Coach Anthony R. Lozada in the same manner that it was published via the Manila Times occupying the same slot both in print and in its web site and in the PSL Facebook wall.

    Both your public apologies are likewise imperative to avert facing criminal and civil charges which we are prepared to take to protect our clients’ interests.

    For your immediate action within five (5) days from receipt of this demand.


    Counsel for Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS)
    11 November 2015

    The Manila Times stands by the column as published. Ed


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