Coast Guard tries to contain oil leaking into Pasig from Pandacan warehouse




A team from the Philippine Coast Guard on Sunday placed an oil spill boom near a warehouse along the Pasig River in Sta. Ana, Manila, to prevent a suspected oil leak from spreading.


Police meanwhile are checking information that oil spilled after one of the workers at the warehouse on Panaderos St. opened a valve as a joke.

Several residents in Barangay 890 in Pandacan, United Nations, and even areas near Malacañang had been complaining of a foul smell since Saturday night.

At least two residents were brought to a hospital for treatment but were released early Sunday, the report added.

Police questioned at least four workers of the warehouse over the oil spill.

The Manila Police District said it has initial information that some 100 liters of used oil had been released into the river.

The MPD said they will ask the two workers of the warehouse to shed light on the matter.

The smell was supposedly at its strongest from 11 p.m. Saturday to about midnight.

That was when it even reached City Hall, reports said.

Some residents were alarmed, thinking at first it was a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) leak.

A report also said a check showed the spill was not connected to the vast oil depot in Pandacan.



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