Coast Guard wants Puerto Galera beach ports closed


The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in Batangas is coordinating with the local government of Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro to propose increased security measures in beach ports following Tuesday’s shooting of a policeman and a Coast Guard personnel resulting in their death.

PCG Batangas District Chief of Staff Gil Villamaria said they are recommending the exclusive use of the Balatero port for passengers going to Puerto Galera to ensure that there is only one entry and exit point.

“With only three personnel assigned in our Puerto Galera detachment, it is quite difficult to manage passengers due to existing beach ports in Muelle, Sabang and White Beach,” Villamaria said.

Coast Guard Police Officer (PO) 2 Romeo Bulaklak and PO2 Sherwin Reyes died aboard MV Falcon on the waters off Barangay Tabangao in Batangas City on Wednesday after being shot by a man wanted for rape.

According to Batangas PNP Provincial Director Police Sr. Supt. Rosauro Acio, Reyes was on his way to Batangas from Puerto Galera when he recognized the suspect identified as Manny Datingaling on board the same vessel with another companion. Reyes alerted Coast Guard authorities and arrested Datingaling with the help of Bulak­lak upon reaching the Batangas port.

“Two firearms were confiscated from Datingaling and his unidentified companion and they were both arrested. Both were transported back to Puerto Galera by the arresting officers because that’s where their cases are filed,” said Acio.

“As they were approaching Puerto Galera, the arresting officers failed to notice that
Datingaling’s companion had another gun kept on his back and this is what the suspect used to shoot the authorities,” he added.

Reports revealed that the suspects commandeered the vessel to return to Batangas where they docked at Leah Beach and fled.

Bulaklak and Reyes both died from gunshot to the head.

Local authorities have launched a manhunt for Datingaling and his companion believed to be carrying five short firearms.


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  1. Bruce Nelson on

    Its a sad thing that has happened, especially for the families of the deceased officers while doing their duty, But due to our bad roads making Balertero the only point of entry will only make our lives harder with a 40% drop in tourism in the past years all we need now is another way to discourage more tourist from coming here as they are already being harassed by resort recruiters tricycle drivers in there noisy polluting trycs
    We have been over this for years now , until our roads are fixed then Sabang and Balertero should be the two entry points.

  2. juanito melendres on

    Not knowing the details of the arrests of the two suspects, I suspect that the arresting officers did not hand cuff the suspects. If they did not, then, this is a good lesson for other officers to be careful next time, when making an arrest.