Coco Martin, Julia Montes break up



Despite persistent rumors positively linking them, Coco Martin and Julia Montes have never confirmed nor denied the real score between them.

But wait a sec–in last week’s episode of “Cristy Ferminute” on radio, a listener with a source identified with the real life couple confirmed that Coco and Julia have indeed called quits.

“It was Julia who broke up with Coco as she could no longer stand the latter’s ‘double standard’ rule in their relationship. Sakal na sakal na raw si Julia sa leeg. Maraming do’s and don’t’s sa relasyon nila,” Vignettes gathered as co-host of the program.

Our source was referring to Coco’s list of “no-no’s” imposed on Julia: “Bawal hawakan ang kamay ni Julia ng leading man niya, all the more na bawal siya magkaroon ng love scenes. Pero pagdating kay Coco, wala namang ini-impose na restrictions si Julia. Kaya it came to a point na napagod na rin si Julia, of course, she also needs to take care of her career. Like her boyfriend, artista rin siya at dapat naiintintindihan ni Coco ang trabaho ng girlfriend niya.”

Is an unreasonably jealous boyfriend—like Coco—husband material?

“On the aspect of being a provider, no doubt. But that’s not all there is to it,” our source remarked.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Who says that domestic helpers will go famished. even if this showbiz mom-employer (SME) won’t let them partake of good, decent food?

This bunch of house helpers discovered an ingenious means to survive despite working under the employ of SME who’d feed them food only fit for canine consumption.

“May grotto yung amo nila sa garden kung saan may fishpond sa harap. Hindi alam ng amo nila na nag-alaga sila ng maliliit na isda (fingerlings). Kapag medyo lumaki na, yun ang niluluto nila,” reveals our source.

“Pero ang hindi alam ng mga kasambahay, na-discover pala ng amo nila kung saan nanggagaling yung niluluto nilang isda. Isang araw, nagulat na lang sila, namimingwit na rin ng isda sa fishpond ‘yung amo nila!”

Don’t know if the SME’s daughter-singer loves to eat fish, too.


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