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    Plus: Confrontation between a newbie producer and his director

    Coco Martin’s teleserye — FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano — has been extended until next year. The teleserye, which was based on a Fernando Poe Jr. movie of the same title where FPJ played a cop, is rating very well with more than 40 percent, thus, leaving the opposition eating its dust.

    The top-rating ABS-CBN program, which also stars FPJ’s widow, Susan Roces as Coco’s grandmother, started airing last year and was supposed to end this July. But with its very high ratings, the Kapamilya bosses decided to extend the series until next year. More big stars are slated to appear in the show to make it more exciting and appealing to the viewers.

    Just to name a few, some of the big stars that appeared in guest roles include Cesar Montano, Eddie Garcia and Ritz Azul. The writers of FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano  are wracking their brains real hard to give the teleserye more interesting twist and turns, in turn making it a more entertaining fare for the whole family.

    One thing good going for the series is the involvement of Coco as the show’s creative consultant. Nothing goes into the show without his knowledge. He helps the writers and the production staff in coming up with more ideas and concepts to make the show more upbeat and current.

    Coco Martin plays the role Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay in “Ang Probinsiyano”

    Coco Martin plays the role Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay in “Ang Probinsiyano”

    Coco stands to get busier, not just taping for  FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano, but also shooting for his filmfest movie with Vice Ganda to be directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal. Since he is already taping five times a week for his teleserye, his weekends will be devoted for the filming of his festival entry. Aside from that, he is besieged by a number of advertising clients who had been waiting for his availability for product endorsement shoot. But we heard that he has a full schedule and might only be available for endorsement shoot by December.

    FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano  is rating very well up to now and we won’t be surprised it if gets extended again next year if the show continues to rake in good numbers in the ratings game.


    It didn’t surprise us that a newbie film producer lost his cool because of a foul-mouthed director who eats expletives for breakfast and with whom  he agreed to do a project. The director doesn’t mince his words and would break into cursing on the set when he can be polite and mild-mannered instead.

    This newbie producer is very rich and who could very well afford a number of film projects at the same time. And even if this newbie producer lost P15 million in a movie done by another director past his prime, the experience did not discourage the producer from producing another movie.

    The producer even agreed to finance the next movie of the director even before their first project was finished.

    After the movie finished shooting, the director gave an initial copy of the film in a CD to his producer so that he could see how the film turned out.

    When the newbie producer saw the first cut of the film after the director gave him a copy, he made comments based on his taste as an ordinary film lover. He, as the producer, has every right to criticize the film and make recommendations on how to improve it, after all, he poured money into it.

    When he requested a new copy of the film, after giving comments, he noticed the director hardly touched the film. The recommendations made were not heeded. When the producer talked to the director to voice his concern, the director got mad at him instead and questioned his right to critique the work, saying he had only produced one movie and is just about to release his newest film done by the loquacious director.

    The producer got mad in return at the director who bawled at him. And who wouldn’t get mad? After all, it was his money that bankrolled the dream project of the director. To get back at the director, the newbie producer refused to talk to him. The thing is, the director needs the budget for the new film that he is doing for the producer. And he can’t get the money because the producer refuses to talk to him. If he doesn’t get the production budget, the movie might not make the deadline it was hoping to beat.

    A few days later, although the producer got mad, he released the budget needed by the director who should be thankful that despite his arrogance, the producer did not leave him holding an empty bag.

    What is the morale of the story? Don’t throw your weight around even if you are the director. Just remember, you can’t do anything and the cameras will not grind if the producer won’t release the budget. Our advice to the director is to lessen his arrogance. He should be thankful instead that the producer trusted him even if he hasn’t had a hit movie.


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