Coconut water invades after-work party


Every once in a while, we need a breather to keep our sanity in check. The long hours spent in the office and the demands of our job sometimes lead to an unintentional burnout. Eventually, our health will creep up and come back with a vengeance.

In between deadlines, meetings and last minute revisions, it’s always nice to loosen up a few buttons or grab a snack with your workmates. But as agreed between millennial warriors, the best after-work remedy is energized music and some dance floor moves.

The recent big-ticket event like Disclosure can pretty much attest to this. Thousands of people braved the rush hour and brought their dancing shoes in two of the biggest and most talked-about parties of 2014.

The one-night only concert at the World Trade Center last July 24 where the Lawrence brothers gave a solid two-hour music treat.

Caught on Latch’s spacey atmospherics and Sam Smith’s chilled-out vocals, everyone nearly forgot that it’s a regular working day for them the next morning.

However, with events and parties like these, it’s hard to keep track of our alcohol intake as there will be people who will constantly offer to buy another round.

As detrimental as alcohol can be to our energy level and state of mind, it doesn’t mean that our social life has to suffer. We can always cut out and defend our body from those sips and party bites by making sure we come in clutch-ready with something that can keep us hydrated all night.

Who says you don’t need to watch out for your health when you’re out and about? As seen during the recent parties and events in the Metro, the fun got even better with Vita Coco. Celebrities and social media influencers alike were spotted dancing enthusiastically with Vita Coco in hand.

And while for some, carrying a coconut water drink is such a party downer, we choose to remedy that afterwork stress with some coconut goodness.

Vita Coco’s been a staple of some of the world’s leading rock and indie bands for years. Neon Trees, Cage The Elephant, Vance Joy, Holy Ghost!, The 1975, and DJ Steve Aoki are among the countless musicians who enjoy the delicious coconut water brand.

And of course, dance floor queen Madonna was an early proponent of coconut water, so much so she became an investor in Vita Coco four years ago.


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