Coffee drinkers and their personality traits


Body-language specialist Judi James and James Moore conducted a study in 2012 to examine the habits of coffee drinkers.

Titled “The You Code: What Your Habits Say about You,” the study showed the differences between people who prefer a simple but freshly brewed coffee versus people who go with the trend, and associated them with personality styles and traits. Belgian caramel biscuit Lotus Biscoff shares these findings with The Manila Times below.

Your cup of coffee can say a lot about you

Black Coffee Drinker. Straightforward and very direct in approach to life – mostly quiet, patient and keeps all things simple. Can be moody as well and can occasionally transform to a social butterfly. Resistant to change, a challenge to handle as a friend, but potentially rewarding in the end.

Espresso Drinker. Tends to be really hardworking who needs the strong and bold flavor of an espresso to keep going. Likes to take leads in programs or events, and always on the go for any adventure. Can be the man/woman of someone’s dreams because of exciting personality and experience but not known to be loyal or reliable.

Latte Drinker. Fun to be with but tends to be too anxious at times and tries to please people too much. Usage of baby voice is common – among the crazy yet “pabebe” friends.

Cappuccino Drinker. Radically honest. Doesn’t really run out of ideas to do and work on, but easily gets bored on material objects and relationships by an unimaginative partner.

Instant Coffee Drinker. Cheerful, optimistic and laid back but too unadventurous and secretive. Doesn’t want other people to see the hidden depths of personality or character.


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