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On a daily basis, it takes a solid hour and a half to get home from the city to our quaint suburban home in the South. Aside from that, it takes another hour and half to get to work before clocking in a solid eight hour workday, five days a week, more or less. It is a great blessing to be in love with the job you do but it’s no secret that the days spent with loved ones get lesser and lesser as one gets caught up in the vast world of adulting. This is the reason why it is important to be disciplined enough to prioritize family and relationships above all things. It is not a secret that this is not an easy task to do and it involves a lot of creativity to squeeze in a quick dinner night or two in the middle of a busy work week.

While some couples spend weekends going on different adventures, my husband and I are quite content in spending time waking up later than usual and just spending time with family. Weekends are often spent with family and squeezing in little one on one dates worked better during the week. As the biggest dorks known to men, we never enjoyed spending time in noisy places and was always on the lookout for new places to try.

A new favorite Casa Italia, which was brought to the Philippines by Jay Tan and his team so the Philippines can experience “real and honest” gelato. The gelato is as authentic as it can be with no add ons and boast about their famous fruit flavors like mango, avocado, green mango and the like. The most intriguing one of all is their pistachio which comes from Bronte, Sicily, Italy and Valrhona chocolate imported directly from France along with vanilla beans from Madagascar.

What we enjoyed the most about it the Italian feel it revebrates as they serve not just gelato but to die for Italian food such as pasta, pizza, and gelato along with everyone’s favorite, coffee.

We personally enjoyed the different pizza creations with different toppings like shrimp, caviar, and smoked salmon.

It was also interesting to discover their after dark series gelatos that where they serve gelatos with just the right amount of alcohol that’s perfect for the after work, adult crowd (sorry minors, only grown ups can enjoy this one).

The crowd was chill and a mix of yuppies who wanted a place to unwind and discover new creations from one of the biggest gelato kitches in the country. It was also exciting to dive into different and unique flavorings (like Durian gelato) while also spending quality time with my favorite person in the world.

Because truly at the end of the day, the best moments in life do not depend on the quantity but rather the quality of time spent together and I’m grateful for little pockets that I get to collect not just moments but memories as well.

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