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Come the Love Month, the town would be painted in red. From the store windows down to the streets, the romantic yet bold hue would spread like a wildfire. Lollies, roses, chocolates, hearts – one would be assaulted with everything and anything red. But have you ever wondered why red is often associated with Valentines, and even Chinese New Year which will be celebrated right after Hearts Day?

Long before people have been giving out roses and chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day, red has been associated with love and romance.

According to Greek mythology, red roses sprang from the blood of Adonis, when he gave the beautiful flowers to his lover, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

In literature, red connotes fire and blood, passion and love, aggression and warmth, intensity and danger. In psychology, the color triggers appetite, enhances metabolism, and increases blood pressure. Chinese legend has it that red – together with fire and noise—was used to drive away a ferocious beast who had been terrorizing villagers on New Year’s Day. Since then, red has been associated with good luck and good fortune.

When it comes to fashion, red has an unwavering popularity because it is a bold, alluring and exciting shade that gives additional “oomph” to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

But creating that perfect red ensemble can be quite tricky. You can’t just haphazardly throw every ruby, cherry, scarlet and crimson fashion piece together. Creating that perfect look featuring red as either the primary color or an accent color takes a little bit of know-how and some practice.

Top row: Tory Burch shoulder bag, Diesel dress, Tory Burch dress. Middle row: looks from the Coach Spring/Summer 2018 runway. Bottom row: Tory Burch sweater, Diesel jacket, Tory Burch wallet.

There’s nothing that says romance more than a monochromatic red look – that’s head-to-toe red for you. Red pieces, when put together, really do look romantic. Tory Burch’s Jane Dress delivers great versatility in a silhouette. Made from stretch suiting, the red dress is fully lined in smooth georgette and features a tiered skirt that kicks out at the hem with a ruffle. Feminine and flattering, complete with a waist-whittling tie belt, the style is ideal for that dinner date for two, or for celebrating the Chinese New Year.

But if you think the fiery color seems too bold, create a hand-to-toe red look by layering different shades. Try a bottom and a jacket in same shades, and complete the look with a top in lighter or darker color.

You can also try mixing different textures – soft, billowing fabrics and structured silhouettes, or solid shades with patterned. Patterns and textures can be a playful way to rock this look. Patterns have a way to subdue the vibrant shade. Opt for something floral, or checks. Perhaps some tartan or stripes.

But if you’re not ready to paint the town in red, how about focusing on only one part – create a statement with your red top or highlight your legs with red pants or skirts. Red goes great with denim. Create a casual look with Tory Burch Barkley Sweater in Red paired with Diesel pale denim, featuring a variety of treatments, rips, raw edges, and floating stitches.

Get an edgy look by pairing bright red with tough leather. This combination can take you from day to night, all you need is to dress it up a little. Think chic red tube dress or jumpsuit with a black leather biker jacket and heeled lace-up boots.

Pair something red with another warm color, like mustard yellow. Or try it with pink, another shade of love. You can’t go wrong with the red and pink pairing. Red is intense, pink is quite feminine and flirty. When combined, they create a chic, romantic look.

Spice up your summer look with a red statement shirt paired with the Kenneth Cole Pull-on wide leg trouser in burnt and a pair of Kenneth Cole Xenia embroidery leather slipper with palm and red floral detailing.

Play with other color combinations. Icy silver tones down fiery red. A pair of Tory Burch Rosalind embellished silver flats brings out the vibrancy of a silky red dress. Instead of the neutral black and white, the best alternative would be camel. You can also pair red with gray for the office look. Experiment with the patriotic pairing of red and blue, or the refreshing look of red and army green.

Turn up the drama of an all-black ensemble with a red coat or jacket. Impress with a jean and shirt outfit if paired with a red stiletto. Make your OOTD bold and eye-catching with the Tory Burch Fleming convertible bag in red. The Fleming bag, made of diamond-stitched leather, has a removable tassle and a strap that can be worn short or long.

Unlike the common misconception, red is quite versatile and can b tailored to suit anyone. Go bold with monochrome red, or accessorize with something red and just remember to keep the rest of your look minimal and subdued.


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