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    On protest rallies:
    A quick face scan of the rallysts who wanted PRRD out are obviously those who did not vote for him during the last presidential elections. Surely they are followers of the losing candidates and the members of the aborted peace negotiations who used to praise him to high heavens until he refused to give in to their whimsical demands while his soldiers are being ambushed and killed.

    There were clergies too, those who ignored our brave men in uniform who were killed fighting the terrorists while protecting the “bakwits” and hostages, one of whom was their own.

    While harsh in condemning the prolonged martial law in Mindanao, they did not even notice that the security forces had to nurse the pain of more casualties just to protect the remaining hostages.

    Just that. They want a President out while their leaders arrived in their luxury SUVs clad in propaganda-guided “white uniforms.” Note that the activists arrived in hordes, aboard nice buses, wearing red T-shirts, arrogantly holding tarpaulins. They could not have paid for all those expenses from their “peasant pockets.” That is, assuming the marchers are REAL farmers and laborers.

    And where was the target President? He was out there in far-flung Marawi checking the city and the conditions of the residents and the security forces.

    * * *

    On CJ impeachment:
    Work expenses are for work-related costs. If you use public funds for personal benefit, you are stealing. It is definitely a sin. If you then say it was an honest mistake, you are lying and lying is also a sin. And there is no such thing as honest sin.

    * * *

    On refugees:
    Taking care of refugees is a must for all religions. For Christians, you must remember that there was a couple who fled to Egypt to escape violence and persecution from a king. That means The Son of God Jesus was the child of asylum seekers Mary and Joseph.

    Let us not forget Moses as well who led his people out of Egypt, and when persecuted believers sought safety in foreign nations.

    A cynical joke on world peace:
    An Arab man arrived on a checkpoint where an Israeli soldier demands he get him some tea. But first, he must leave his shoes behind. Quite irritated, the Arab man finally agrees, takes off his shoes, and leaves. When he returns with the soldier’s tea, he sees the Israeli soldier peeing on his shoes. The Arab man says, “How are we supposed to achieve peace if you piss on my shoes and I piss in your tea?”

    * * *

    On education:
    One has to be a keen student in order to be a great teacher. There is no shortcut. The result of both welded together is what we call wisdom.

    * * *

    On tax reform:
    No one should be shielded from taxes. Even religious bodies. Remember when the priests came to him to ask whether they should pay tax to Rome, Jesus held up a coin with Caesar’s face on it and said ‘’Give to Caesar what is due to Caesar and to God the things that are God’s.”

    Organized religions amass huge fortunes and are not taxed. The government even allows extra funding to religious schools when they ask for tuition fee increases. Followers do not get exemptions for their belief in science, advocacies and reason.

    Tax reform should not favor the rich over the poor. That policy of lowering the tax for corporations and the wealthy few is going to hurt the people who make the least amount of money. It is just like deleting the lunch subsidy for school children

    When priests mention that biblical quote ‘’It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God,’’ we did not know that Jesus himself was the source.

    * * *

    On governance and corruption:
    Good governance is when the management of resources and affairs are transparent, open answerable, fair and quick in responding to the needs and problems of common people.

    The government should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

    Today, huge changes are taking place which require dedicated,skilled, well-organized and honest institutions to respond corresponding with the changing needs of time.

    * * *

    On labor:
    Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labor, abolish child labor and discrimination.

    * * *

    On human rights satire:
    Human rights activists and trollers support their motives by employing strategies such as creating ironical comments, discrediting hate groups to divert attention from their hidden agendas and using street culture and lingo, hoaxes and parodies. Some organizers resort to rampant ridicule and hate rants and publish hoaxes that employ institutional biases to a wide range of social targets. Participants share the effectiveness of using social media and commend politicians who supported their movement. Political satire and social commentary have become widespread on the Internet, especially in countries where dissent and criticism of the government has harsh consequences.

    * * *

    A humor quote on relationships:
    Wife: “if you were my husband, I would give you poison.”
    Husband: “If I were your husband, I would take it.”

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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