‘Colorum contractor’ rakes up P1B in DPWH projects


Who wouldn’t like to believe that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has been rid much of the corrupt practices that gripped the agency until Secretary Rogelio Singson took over its administration?

I really wish that’s true but the truth is there remain some “well-entrenched syndicates” that continue to manipulate and monopolize major DPWH projects.

That is why we are calling the attention of honorable Secretary Singson about reports on a certain “Jose Cubelo” who is said to have cornered most of the public works projects, particularly in Central Luzon.

Well-placed sources informed me that this Jose Cubelo is close to an influential official at the DPWH Region 3, thus he has won the plum and juicy projects, amounting to over one billion pesos.

From road construction to rehabilitation of highways, and from building bridges to waterways rip-rapping, he gets them all, allegedly in exchange for huge “commission” for his DPWH “padrino” and other officials.

It’s unbelievable that Jose Cubelo is able to rake up all these contracts in Region 3, as well as the National Capital Region (NCR or Metro Manila), despite the fact that he is not even a licensed contractor or holder of AAA license from the Philippine Contractors
Accreditation Board (PCAB), which is required for awarding of projects over P100 million.

My insider informants disclosed that Jose Cubelo is able to join the DPWH biddings by “leasing” and using licenses of legitimate contractors in exchange for a three (3) percent commission from the costs of every project he gets.

Two of the licenses he has allegedly used are those of the 3W Construction Corp. and the Harley Construction Inc., which is a gross violation of the PCAB rules, as it is a form of “collusion” or rigged bidding.

This DPWH “crony” has amassed a fortune that the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) may not be aware of or turning a blind eye to.

No wonder Jose Cubelo generously pays the birthday parties thrown by his DPWH “padrino” and other gigs at the DPWH Region 3 office, according to my informants.

That’s not to mention the “luxurious vehicle” Jose Cubelo has gifted his DPWH backer recently. “Kamukha noong pinagamit sa mga bisitang VIP sa APEC [Such vehicle is similar to those used by Very Important Persons who attended the just-concluded Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit],” said one of my sources.

This big-time “colorum contractor” has also big-heartedly gifted some Central Luzon politicians, who endorse him in securing government projects.

Therefore, I’m calling on the PCAB, as well as Secretary Singson,  to look into this report about Jose Cubelo and his cohort’s dubious activities.

Street dwellers are human beings, too

Impoverished street-dwellers, who’ve been rendered homeless by calamities and unresolved cases of fire, have been illegally detained to keep them away from the sights of visiting dignitaries.

And because they are considered eyesores by the government, they are whisked away and sent out of Metro Manila for a few days while the VIPs are in town such as during the visit of Pope Francis last year.

Worse, some of them were locked up in government institutions, during the APEC summit,  depriving them of their basic human rights–the freedom to move around.

One wonders,  why do the government always have to hide these people when they are part of our impoverished society?

They show the real state of our nation and the government’s failure to address the lingering poverty of Filipinos.

Unfortunately, we always elect leaders who do not have a heart for the poor.

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  1. Mr. McM , he doesn`t need credentials he knows how to write and have contacts in the Agency. Brave enough to say it here in the tabloids, unless you`re one of the corrupt guys in the agency you have a corrupt friends in the said agency and felling uncomfortable about the report. shame…

  2. apolonio reyes on

    During martial law, I tried to sell to the DPWH but could not and my contact told me to get a strong backer as there is a syndicate inside DPWH. After EDSA I, I got a recommendation from a relative of Cory and my contact told me to give it to the head of the bidding committee so I did. In front of all the Bidding Committee, he waved the letter up and said ” PAPAANO TAYO MAGBABAGO KUNG GANITO PALAKASAN ULI ANG PATAKARAN “. Sinabi ko Erwin duon sa head ” BAKIT HINDI MO MUNA KAMI SUBUKAN AT KUNG MATAAS ANG PRESYO NAMIN, EH HUWAG MONG AWARD SA AMIN. SABAY KUHA YUON SULAT AT PINUNIT KO SA HARAPAN NYA.
    Erwin, mula nuon at hangang ngayon ay meron syndikato sa mga bidding hindi lang sa DPWH kundi sa lahat ng sangay ng gobierno AT HINDI NA ATA MAWAWALA ITO HANGANG HINDI ITAAS ANG MGA SWELDO NG MGA TAO NG GOBIERNO O PAKULONG SILANG LAHAT..

  3. Marami pa pong corruption sa dpwh,may kilala ako na-ambush dahil sa hawak nyang mga ebidensya about corruption sa dpwh.namatayan sya ng kasama.takot lumabas sa ngaun dahil involve ang mga matataas na tao at malaki epekto coming election pag nagsalita sya.hope matulungan nyo po sya sir.god bless.

  4. I also would like to cite a DPWH contractor with a project along the national highway passing in the heart of Passi City, Iloilo, at a sneals slow pace because the contractor has no equiptment of it’s own relays only on rentals, thats why for about a 100-200 mtrs. Of concreting takes time. Worst the populace suffers dust in time of sunny days and mud in time of rain.

  5. Smoke and mirrors , where is your journalistic credentials? Rumour, rumour no investigative journalism here!