Colorum fuel depot


Last week’s fire incident at a biofuel “warehouse” in Valenzuela instantly brought back the horrifying memory of the Kentex factory blaze that killed 72 workers.

The fire that hit the Loyal Family Ventures Corp. on Molina St., Valenzuela resulted in only one death and several injured but the unsettling issue here is the fact that the establishment turned out to be a “colorum.”

It reportedly did not have a fire safety inspection certificate from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), a requirement before it could be issued a business permit and operate.

But the biofuel warehouse or mini-depot did operate under the BFP’s nose, allegedly under the protection of a former “police general.”

Its operation is illegal that is obviously why its owner, a Margarito So alias Gary So or Boy So, reportedly evaded investigation.

We are also verifying information reaching my office that the culprits have questionable immigration status who assumed fake names.

These culprits would not even extend assistance to the fatality, one of their exploited workers, and the three persons who were seriously injured.

At the illicit fuel depot located in a residential area, they inappropriately stored ethanol and “paihi” or pilfered gasoline, which are flammable materials.

Ethanol, which is basically alcohol, is widely-used now as motor fuel and biofuel additive to gasoline. It is commonly made from biomass such as corn or sugarcane.

Valenzuela City Rex Gatchalian disclosed in our interview yesterday that the company’s owner refused to entertain local officials who wanted to talk to him regarding the hospital and burial expenses of the victims.

The BFP is aware that So is illegally storing flammable substance in his warehouse, which poses great danger to the public.

Again, the question that the BFP should answer now is “magkano ba ang nangyari at pinayagan niyo yan mag-operate”?

Informants also told me that Mr. So was planning to put up another such illegal ethanol and gasoline depot somewhere in Marilao, Bulacan.

So, those of you at the BFP, huwag na kayong magbingi-bingihan at magbulag-bulagan. Magkano nga uli?

This Margarito So definitely should go to jail for blatant violation of the safety of his workers and endangering the entire community, as well.

Mabulok kang hayop ka sa kulungan!!!!!

* * *

Illegal online casinos operate with impunity in Makati under Peña

I wonder what’s taking officials of the Makati business and permit office so long to close down several illegal online casinos in their jurisdiction?

Reports reaching my office indicated that illegal online gambling “call centers” sprouted like mushrooms in the wild in Makati under acting Mayor Kid Peña’s time.

Online casinos like the Oriental Group at the Eco Plaza, PBCOM Bldg., and the Burgundy Tower in Makati does not have proper license from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

Worse, they employ hundreds of illegal or undocumented foreign workers mostly coming from China and Taiwan.

Authorities from the Makati City business permits and licensing office (BPLO) cannot even close down these operations because “top officials” want them left alone.

I wonder how Kid Peña will win against Junjun Binay in the upcoming local race in 2016 if he allows the proliferation of illegal gaming in Makati.

* * *

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  1. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    What else is new about these damn Chinese operating illegal businesses in our country. As Miriam Santiago said “The Chinese invented corruption”, the legal as well as illegal Chinese in our country will continue on exploiting the Filipinos (retired as well as not retired cops and government officials) for few silvers. Did you notice who owns these illegal businesses like illegal drugs, illegal gamblings, illegal human trafficking, illegal, shabu factories? Those God DAMN Chinese who can get away with their crimes. Did you ever hear anybody of them imprisoned? NO because they have the money to bribe government officials like those in the military and justices most especially the CA justices. When will we Filipinos realize that we are being exploited and taken advantage by these GOD DAMN Chinese foreigners? Why don’t we do what the Vietnamese and Indonesians did to their Chinese residents? Its about time to do something against these Chinese.