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    1. Sir,
      Re MM Traffic, it is commonly viewed and even gov’t has acknowledged that around 50% of our public transport are operating without franchise (colorum). It is also speculated that this is because they are owned or supported by LTO, Police and other Gov’t personalities, therefore they have remained untouchable and the problem remains unresolved. By the way, if this is fact, then they probably do not pay taxes too. Addressing the corruption that promotes and support the colorum transport operations will immediately improve the traffic problem. It will also address the unforeseen risk to unsuspecting commuters as well as address public safety concers. All that is needed to gain immediate relief to the unbearable traffic congestion, in short, is to just implement the Laws and Rules re franchise to reduce the number of illegal busses, jeeps and taxis and arrest corruption and graft in DOTC. Mabuhay Po Kayo!