Come out, kin of Davao slay victims urged


The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Saturday called on the families of victims of extra-judicial killings in Davao City to come out and cooperate with the commission as it starts its investigation into the claims of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he has killed a number of persons.

“If there are victims, or relatives of victims, who know these circumstances, we want them to come forward and we will give them as much protection as we can so that we can go to the bottom of this,” CHR Chairman Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon said on Saturday.

“Right now we need to identify evidence. What we are talking about here is what we call corpus delicti, for fact-finding. We will need forensics, law enforcement, the National Bureau of Investigation, so there will be balance and independence,” he added.

Gascon on Saturday said his office will investigate claims that he has killed more than a thousand criminals in Davao City during his reign.

“We are really concerned about these statements and we have to get to the bottom of this. If in fact there have been violations of human rights and killings committed, every single killing, every extra-judicial killing must be formally investigated and the persons who perpetrate them must be hold to account,” the CHR chief told reporters.

He noted that public officials, before they assume office, take an oath to “uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land.”

“He (Duterte) has the duty to uphold the laws of the land. If there is a public admission that he has killed people, we want to know the truth. So kailangan po ng imbestigasyon, yun po ang aming panama, dapat magkaroon ng malawakang imbestigasyon (So there has to be an investigation, there must be a thorough investigation,” Gascon said.

“Aalamin namin kung may mga reports na dumating na killings particularly in Davao. Ang purpose po nito ay makita kung merong facts on the ground that relate to the statements said publicly by Mayor Duterte (We willfind out if there are reports on killings in Davao. The purpose of this is to determine if there are facts on the ground that relate to the statements made by mayor Duterte). We will call the DOJ to fully investigate and prosecute,” Gascon added.

But he stressed that the CHR does not have prosecutorial powers, thus it will have to depend on the Justice department when it comes to filing of cases.

“The filing of cases depends on the circumstances. We will still defer to the DOJ. Ang amin lang ay alamin kung may nangyari talagang killings (Our task is to find out if there were indeed killings). We still need to uncover the facts,” Gascon said.

At the same time, he proposed that all political candidates should sign a commitment to uphold human rights.

“Sa panahon ng eleksyon ay dapat pumirma sila ng commitment and sana po maging si Mayor Duterte ay pumirma na papahalagahan nila ang karapatan pang tao (For the upcoming elections, they should sign a commitment and I hope mayor Duterte will be among those who will promise to protect human rights),” Gascon said.


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  1. Mr.CHR tell that to the victims of the crime….if your daughter is being rape and killed then I guess101 percent you will be a DUTTERTE yourself to be the punisher …..

  2. I want to ask the filipinos if they want to be ruled by a killer or a criminal at that if he has killed people? If so, what kind of STUPIDITY are we trying to embark. My request to all those that will select the leaders of the land please vote for a leader who is honest, hard worker, intillegent, trust worthy, no criminal record, has compasion for the people Walang bahid na graft and corruption.

  3. Any individual and/or official stating in public that he killed many is arrogance to the highest degree or he is telling the truth. This must be investigated by CHR otherwise people will see this as lack of action.

  4. CHR unahin nyo munang protektahan ang mga inosenting buhay kysa buhay ng mga kriminal…kmusta na nga pala CHR ang Maguindanao massacre?

  5. Wow ,are you people so sure that Grace Poe will loose her battle against Comelec that you are targeting the next candidate ? And after Duterte are you going back after Binay?why are you so sure that your clown Roxas will beat Senator Santiago?

  6. Daniel B. Laurente on

    HR should also require the victims of crimes to come out not one way approach.
    So that the fishing expedition should produce equal opportunity for supposed both victims.

  7. The skeletons are literally beginning to come out of the closets. Unleashed by Duterte’s own mouth.
    Surely his fanatic followers will be quick to cry demolition job. But actually there’s no need to demolish Duterte. He self-destruct everytime he talks.
    Truly the fish is caught in the mouth.

  8. How about the rights of those who had been victimized by these lawless elements. Those who had been robbed, raped, and killed. The accused enjoys more protection than the aggrieved party under the law. When you see children begging food in the streets why is it nobody shout for human rights violation of those children. When you see homeless people making the center islands,pavements their home nobody is calling for human rights violation. But when someone defend him/herself or others from criminals and killed the villain in the process especially if the case have political in nature, somebody shouts “human rights violation” BEAST SHOULD BE TREATED AD BEAST AND NOT HUMAN.

  9. ahit gaano kadami pa issue ibato nila, kayo pa rin ang nangunguna, loyal supporters nyu po kami #DuterteCayetano

    • Hi Sir: kaninong rights ba ang dapat ma protektahan? yon gumawa ng krimen o ang mga victims? who will stop these bad guys from harming another law abiding citizen? who will protect the potential victims? wake up mr gascon!

    • mr somoroy who are you referring to as the victims in thiscase? at me krimen ba talaga na nangyari or politics? si nograles siguro makasagot nian at sia nagumpisa. Inimbestigahan na nga ng human rights noon, bakit walang mapulot? Now that its election time, the administration can buy witnesses because they have to do something to put down duterte. Ala mafia ang style ng mga yon, underground, at papatayin ka talaga by stabbing you at the back. Di lalaban ng harapharapn mga yan at walang ibubuga kungdi kasinungalingan. Ayun, lumabas na ang sinugaling ni roxas ng economics degree nia, antipatiko na tao ito si roxas. He married corina before the previous elections thinking he would be running for president and corina can help him, like Imelda to marcos. It is his lifelong dream to become president, problema lang kulang sa bato sa utak, walang charisma, yes man ni pinoy, no backbone, eh, pilit pang pinapalunok sa atin na maganda ang gobyerno nila? Paano haman ang dap at pdaf at haiyan funds? Nalunok ng buwaya? Susmarya, si duterte, with his satire jokes, admits anything because he knows it is not true. If you are guilty, you will never admit anything wrong, like mar and pinoy. Right? Wake up!