Comedian still can’t buy new pair of shoes after all



The night of September 29 augured well for Jimmy Santos who reportedly became richer by P10 million after hitting the jackpot prize on the slot machine at Solaire Resort and Casino.

Yes, he did hit the pot but it wasn’t his money he was betting but his friends.’

“Pinataya lang pala ‘yun sa kanya ng mga kaibigan niya na tumayo sandali. Tamang-tama pagbalik nila, saka naman tumama si Jimmy,” says a Vignettes source.

Other friends who thought it was the TV host-comedian who won began ribbing him, “Pareng Jimmy, for sure, you’ll buy yourself a new pair shoes!” “Pareng Jimmy, so magbibihis ka na ng ibang damit sa ‘Eat Bulaga’ kinabukasan?”

Jimmy, our source adds, had to correct a news item published in a widely circulated tabloid, “He went nuts when he kept receiving calls and text messages from relatives he hasn’t seen in ages, asking for ‘balato’! Bale ba, tinatawag pa siyang ‘Don Jaime’ sa Eat Bulaga!”

Just a month ago, Vignettes dropped by the casino area at Solaire to visit a businesswoman-friend. A showbiz reporter-friend, who served as our tour guide, led us to the exact spot where Jimmy (apparently straight from his daily hosting stint on Eat Bulaga) would doze off.

“Diyan na inaabutan ng antok si Jimmy,” our companion said pointing to the side chair about a meter away from the rows of slot machines adjacent to a small pantry.

After some mental calculation, our friend, however, snapped: “Sa maraming gabing natatalo si Jimmy, baka nga kung siya ang nanalo ng P10M, eh, hindi pa siya break-even.”

* * *

GUESS WHO? A not necessarily young actor (NNYA) can only shake his head in dismay every time he goes home to his family based in a nearby province in Northern Luzon on weekends.

“And why won’t he?” a Vignettes source comes to his defense. “Imagine, he works the whole week. The only time that he’s able to rest is when he stays with his family in the house he helped build out of his showbiz earnings. Pero anong dadatnan niya sa bahay nila dun? Ni walang lutong pagkain, eh, gutom na gutom nga naman siya mula sa biyahe!”

Looking much younger than his biological age, the NNYA is not the typical breadwinner who would nag his parents over it. “Eh, kung hindi ba naman napakabait niyang bata, what he’d do is he’d just look for a food chain and buy himself a hamburger.”

Much of the NYYA’s good-natured ways had been instilled in him by a departed tatay-tatayan in showbiz.

* * *

A taxi driver (TD) had twice picked up a young “made-over” actress (YMOA) from a building complex somewhere in Quezon City on separate occasions.

“The first time YMOA hailed the cab, she asked to be brought to a condo building just about two or so meters away,” our passenger-source quoted the TD who instantly recognized the YMOA but couldn’t remember her name.

“She was in full disguise. Saka malapit na malapit lang ‘yung pupuntahan niya she could have walked. Tuwang-tuwa nga ‘yung driver as he was handed P200 for that short ride.”

It was during the YMOA’s next cab ride that TD—this time intently gazing at the rear view mirror—realized who his passenger was, also in disguise.

“Ma’am, di po ba artista kayo?” the TD graciously asked as he pulled over to drop his passenger at the same spot where she alighted the first time.

Without a word, the YMOA hurriedly forked over a crisp 500-peso bill from her wallet then walked away. Intrigued and baffled, the TD doubted if the YMOA’s appointment was in any way showbiz-related.


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