• Comelec ‘fixer’ a sister of Aquino’s political ally


    It seems that alleged fixers at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) are not only fast- tracking voters’ registration but one of them is also lobbying for those with pending election-related cases who can afford her multi-million transaction fees, according to a reliable source of The Manila Times.

    And, if the judiciary has a big-time fixer named “Ma’am Arlene,” the Comelec has “Ms. Reyna,” a “very influential fixer.”

    She can make Comelec officials favor her clients for whom she lobbies, The Times source said.

    But, the source added, “Ms. Reyna” transacts business only for those who can afford her fees.

    According to The Manila Times source, “Ms. Reyna,” who is “45 to 50 years old,” is a sister of an incumbent governor in Muslim Mindanao.

    The Times source said this current governor in the South is a stalwart of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    A fairly recent case that “Ms. Reyna” lobbied for at the Comelec, however, did not prosper, and the mayoralty client of hers from Sulu province in Muslim Mindanao wanted his money back, the source added.

    The Manila Times source said the mayoralty candidate had been assured by “Ms. Reyna” that he would win his case, citing her influence in the Comelec.

    According to The Times source, the mayoralty client transacted with “Ms. Reyna” in March 2012, paying her a total of P2.1 million, which “processing fee” was deposited directly in her bank account.

    Six different deposit slips obtained by The Manila Times accounted for such fee and showed that “Ms. Reyna” received P500, 000 on March 8, P450, 000 on March 9, P150,000 on March 12 and P1,000,000 on March 20.

    Of the last payment made on March 20, P300,000 was received by “Ms. Reyna” at 11:18 a.m.; P350,000 at 12:08 p.m.; and P350,000 at 12:09 p.m.

    Last Sunday, the Comelec warned the public not to transact business with individuals who are promising faster processing of voters’ identification cards.

    Its spokesman, James Jimenez, said they have received reports that “fixers” are hanging around Comelec offices, offering fast registration for a fee.

    “Based on reports we got, these people approach those who are in line to register and promise to facilitate their registration and issuance of voter’s ID cards [to each of them],” he added.

    “It’s a flat-out scam on the public. Money for nothing,” Jimenez said.


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    1. Anima A. Agrava on

      But that’s what all of us have been saying since Day One of the Brillantes Comelec. Lots of suspicious shenanigans rumored or actually going on.
      Then the PCOS machines and Smartmatic-TIM’s out-of-the-world ability to have what they want apprved by the Comelec and the result is the unverifiable and ILLEGAL 2010 and 2013 elections because the law was never obeyed about safeguards and signatures.
      Only in the Philippines can a mafia-like control of the election process can happen.
      If there is any reason to do another EDSA Revolt it is this more than that of the close second reason, the fabrications, shame-faced lies and corruption of President Aquino and his key men in the Cabinet.
      May God protect our nation, our people and our Republic!