Comelec hit for escape of Smartmatic engineer


The camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Sunday blamed the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the Bureau of Immigration for the “escape” of a Smartmatic emgineer facing criminal charges in connection with the May 9 elections.

The Marcos camp had asked the Comelec to ask the Immigration bureau to issue a hold departure order (HDO) against all personnel of Smartmatic accused of violating the Cybercrime Law but the request was not granted.

Smartmatic is the technology provider to last month’s local and national polls.

The respondents were charged for their alleged involvement in unauthorized alteration of the script of the transparency server at the height of the transmission of votes just hours after voting closed.

At the preliminary investigation of the case on Friday at the Manila Prosecutor’s Office, it was revealed that Smartmatic employee Mauricio Herrera had left the country and is now in his home country of Panama.

Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon had pushed for the issuance of an HDO against the respondents but Smartmatic said such action is unnecessary.

“Yun ang hindi natin maintindihan kaya yun ang dapat ipapaliwanag nila [That is what we do not understand, and it is what they must explain],” said Abakada party list Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz, Marcos political adviser and one of the complainants.

De la Cruz said until now, neither the Comelec nor the Bureau of Immigration had acted on their request for a hold departure order or for the respondents to be included in the watch list of the bureau.

The other respondents in the case–Smartmatic personnel Marlon Garcia, a Venezuelan national and head of the technical support team; Elie Moreno, an Israeli national and project director; and Neil Banigued, member of the technical support team; and Comelec IT experts led by Rouie Peñalba, Nelson Herrera and Frances Mae Gonzalez–were present in the proceedings and submitted their respective counter-affidavits.

The respondents were charged for violation of Section 4(a) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or Republic Act 10175, which prohibits “intentionally altering computer data, without right and altering and interfering with the functioning of a computer and computer network by inputting, deleting and altering computer data and program, without right or authority.”

De la Cruz pointed out that shortly after the unauthorized alteration of the script of the transparency server, the lead of Marcos over his closest rival started to taper at a uniform rate, which experts had said was statistically almost close to impossible.

Marcos is set to file an election protest before the end of the month.

De la Cruz expressed confidence that they have a strong case against the respondents.

“Ang pinag-uusapan lamang dito sa kanilang isinubmit, meron ka bang authority na kalikutin mo yang system na yan, yang script na yan? Kung wala, meron kang paglabag sa Cybercrime Law [What is in question here is whether they had the authority to alter the system, the script. Otherwise, the Cybercrime Law has been violated],” he said, noting that Garcia had already admitted altering the script without permission from the Comelec en banc.


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  1. Wala naman Hold Order na na-issue! Nag-request lang ang kampo ni boingboing marcos, pero wala naman ebidensiya, gusto na nila hindi may Hold Order? Sobra na!

  2. Wow!

    parang mga makapili nung oanahon ng hapon!

    kelan kaya sila hahatulan ng DIOS na Makatarungan?

    kawawa naman ang Pinoy sa mga ginagawa ng Comelec.

    How unfaithful to their oath of office!

  3. Mary Rose Cobar on

    same old story, cover-up again by the yellow brigade.
    no surprise there!
    Next question: will the Supreme Court act on these transgressions of the law?
    This I have to see/read if corrective measures will be done.
    Thank you

  4. julio madiaga on

    bong bong marcos should have made sure that the fellow was in a hold order list somewhere.

  5. Matinong Pilipino on

    Only the court can issue a HDO against anybody and the court(s) must have enough justifications. Marcos camp are getting funnier every time the words ” COMELEC” and “SMARTMATIC” pop up. Here is the complaints they filed in criminal court. “Violation of Section4(a) of the Cybercrime prevention Act of 2012 or Republic Act 10175, which prohibits “intentionally altering computer data, without right and altering and interfering with the functioning of a computer network by inputting deleting and altering computer data program, without right and authority”.

    These allegations or complaints do not and cannot be proven if the court will hire a non-partisan, or an independent certified and licensed computer expert (like myself lol), to slow down the process and explain how computers execute programs and instructions. From program executions to data transmission can be explained into human language, and the language they used are contradictory and some of it do not make sense, to the people that understand how computers execute programs.

    • sa administrasyon ni aquino, ang hold departure order ay ginagawa kahit walang utos ng batas. nakalimutan mo na ba yung ginawa ni de lima kay arroyo?? walang kaso si arroyo sa korte pero hindi sya pinalabas ng pilipinas ni de lima. kaya hindi totoo yang sinabi mo sa panahon ni aquino. sa normal na buhay, totoo yang sinasasabi mong ang korte lang ang pwedeng mag utos ng hold departure order pero sa buhay natin sa administrasyon ni aquino, hindi totoo yan; pwede and secretary ng dept of justice ang magutos.

    • Isa sa pinaka madaling malutas na krimen ay cyber-crime. Madaling gamitin ang computer sa krimen pero ang hindi nalalaman ng lahat ay ito ay nag-iiwan ng bakas na ebidensya ng iyong ginawa. Kahit burahin mo, meron at meron naiiwan na nakalagay sa mga pyesa niya yon iyong ginawa.

      Ang isa pang delikado pa dito sa computer ay pag nagtransmit o nagpadala ka ng kahit anong mensahe, ito’y kaagad ay nakukuha ng malalaking supercomputer na nakatutuk dito sa mga pangyayari sa Pilipinas. Siguradong sigurado ang mga transmittal na nangyari noon huling halalan ay nakuha ng US. Russia at China lalo’t lalo na hindi protektado o “secured” ang computer at software program na ginamit ng COMELEC at Smartmatic at ito’y napatunayan ng napasok sila ng isang batang hacker na bagong graduate sa info-tech.

      Kaya yon mga sinasabi ninyong walang ebidensya ay katagang Malabo pa sa Tubig Kanal. Tignan mo na lang ang takot nii Chair Bautista pabuksan at pa audit yon Comelec computers at servers kasi daw baka pag may nakitang anomalya doon baka gamitin pa sa pagtugis sa kanila. Tignan mo kung anong klaseng katwiran meron itong si Bautista dahil sa nerbios kasi alam niya na magkakabistuhan doon.

  6. Comelec chief Andres Bautista saying no one from Smartmatic has expressed intentions to leave.
    Bautista added that there is yet no need to coordinate with the Bureau of Immigration about the matter.

    How about now dumbass ?

    The Liberal party at it again….