Comelec is a mortal threat to clean elections


TWO shocking incidents involving the Commission on Elections in the past 10 days are strong indicators that our being able to participate in a clean, credible election in just under a month’s time is a vain expectation, and that the incumbent Aquino-led Liberal Party regime will stop at nothing to maintain its hold on power.

On April 1, a few days after the Comelec’s public website was hacked by activists demanding the restoration of all security features of the automated voting system – a demand we agree with wholeheartedly, though we must condemn the manner in which it was made – an enormous amount of information, essentially the entire Comelec voter registration database, was stolen and posted on the internet.

This past Saturday, as the month-long absentee voting period for 1.38 million registered OFW voters began, pictures quickly began circulating of ballots apparently designed to try to give the Liberal Party tandem of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo an unfair advantage: unlike the other candidates listed, their names are shown highlighted in yellow, and both are listed as having the awkward and cringe-inducing middle name “Daang Matuwid,” while their opponents’ names are given in their proper simple forms.

Both of these incidents should be considered grave emergencies requiring immediate corrective action. The voter information records that were made public contain sensitive personal data of every registered voter in the country – names, addresses, voter identification numbers, and even fingerprints – that could be misused in a variety of ways. The altered ballots that were given to at least some overseas voters are patently illegal; election law clearly sets out the format of ballots for the precise reason that no candidate should be given an unfair advantage by being listed more prominently than the others.

Yet the Comelec has been completely dismissive in both cases. While the poll body did pass the matter of the data breach to the National Bureau of Investigation, or so the Comelec’s spokesman said, the seriousness of the security failure was explained away with the remark that “most of the data was public information anyway,” which is not only a lie, but entirely beside the point. As to the altered ballots, the Comelec simply refused to take any responsibility at all, claiming, “They didn’t come from us,” as if that is sufficient to correct the problem.

Taken together with the Comelec’s long record of obstructing the law that provides for fair and transparent automated elections – its stubborn insistence on using a discredited service provider and its unreliable system, its feigned inability to follow legally-required standards because of technical reasons, and its refusal to implement security features, which it only partially and grudgingly agreed to do after being summarily ordered to do so by the Supreme Court – a clear picture of an imminent election failure is emerging.

Rigging an election to give a preferred candidate a win, or rendering the election invalid through sabotage is no less an attempt to illegally seizing power than an armed coup d’etat, no less democratic than the imposition of martial law, and we absolutely cannot sit idly by and permit it to happen.

Even though doing so has been an exercise in futility so far, we again demand that Comelec strictly adhere to every provision of the Automated Election Law, and furthermore take immediate steps to conduct a swift, thorough, and transparent investigation of the latest anomalies. More than that, however, we call on the Filipino people to be vigilant: our freedoms and democratic rights are under mortal threat from a regime that serves only the narrow personal interests of its leaders and not the country, and clearly has no intention of honoring or even acknowledging the sentiment and will of the people.


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  1. Manila Times Verify the Facts firsts before posting anything if the source is reliable or Not, the Ballots with the Yellow mark on Roxas and Robledo are “SAMPLE BALLOT” Made by LP to Familiarize their Voters on where to find their Candidates. is It Legit? yes it is any Candidate can make a sample ballot highlighting their name. .. Being in the media is a Great Social Responsiblity. Make sure your reports are True and Correct. this oppotunity to educate not to confuse.

  2. Chemical brothers on

    Any wrong move by the government to rigged the election process will ignite the people to march on the streets at every corner. The people are watching you Pnoy never test the depth of water with both feet.

  3. Corruption is a way of life in our country the Philippines…It is time to stop corruption at least to the minimum…Corruption in not only prevalent in the Philippines but throughout the world…What can we do about it…Duterte might be a part of the solution…Let us all join hand together in unison to protect our sacred right…Vote for the right person…Protect it…Be a watchdog during the election…Remember DUTERTE!!! Our hope and chance for a better tomorrow for the future…With Love and Prayers…AMEN…..

  4. According to Atty.Glen Chong, one of the 4 PCOS Security features mandated by law, is the public review of the SOURCE CODES, which was DONE EXCEPT FOR ONE LINE IN THE SOURCE CODE THAT BOTH COMELEC AND SMARTMATIC DOES NOT WANT TO MAKE PUBLIC…

  5. Even though doing so has been an exercise in futility so fa

    “Insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
    Albert Einstein

    It’s not a surprise is it ? Every election 2010, 2013 Comelec rigged those elections and what did the people do about it ? file some protest ? call for investigations ?

    How did that turn out ? As if expecting some corrupt government agency to investigate and jail the violators was going to happen. Here we are again the same situation Comelec and Smartmatic again partners and people are still as stupid as ever calling for fair elections.

    Call, ask, demand all you want, you will get what the rulers want you to have or maybe try something different and don’t look to the system to protect your rights.

    Put some fear into the corrupt politicians and their dynasty bosses.

  6. “we think that democracy can change a lot of things, but we’re being fooled, because democracy is not the election. We’ve been taught that democracy is having elections. And it isn’t. Elections are the most horrendous aspect of democracy. It’s the most mundane, trivial, disappointing, dirty aspect!”

  7. Very well said. As an OFW, I insist & demand that this should be investigated. Comelec is liable to explain on How Why who is manipulating behind this another design ballot. I am so disgusted about Comelec performance.

  8. Please boldly publish what is the meaning of CORRUPTION.

    Corruption is not only stealing but allowing others to steal, tolerating cheating, encouraging and subscribing to selective prosecution or persecution; and more…