Comelec ruling on Mar’s SOCE expected today


THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) en banc is expected to come up today with a ruling on a request of defeated presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Mar Roxas2nd for a 14-day extension to file his Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE), a law-mandated requirement for all candidates who ran in the May 9 elections.

Comelec Chairman Juan Andres Bautista on Monday said the letter-request of Roxas would be on top of the agenda of the commission during their Tuesday’s regular en banc meeting, adding that their final decision would also be carried out as well on other national candidates who failed to submit their SOCEs on time, and as well as for local bets.

“In fact, it is not only the LP [Liberal Party] who requested an extension, there are others as well, including local candidates,” Bautista said. “We will treat all candidates as equals.”

All candidates have one month to file their SOCEs after the elections.

Roxas and the LP, however, failed to meet the June 8 deadline even as the cut-off time was extended from the closing of office hours at 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

LP spokesman Barry Guitierrez explained that the reason for Roxas’ failure to submit his SOCE was the “voluminous number of receipts that have to be scanned and attached to the document, in compliance with the rules and the in the interest of complete transparency.”

Bautista, however, appeared unconvinced by Gutierrez’s explanation, saying “if one’s reason is because of the voluminous documents, why were the others were able to submit?”

Of the five presidential candidates, only Roxas failed to submit a SOCE. All six vicepresidential candidates, on the other hand, have complied.

Of the 50 senatorial candidates, only 26 were able to file their SOCE. Among them were Senators-elect Panfilo Lacson, Ralph Recto, Emmanuel Pacquiao, Sherwin Gatchalian, Vicente Tito Sotto 3rd, Leila de Lima, Juan Miguel Zubiri and Joel Villanueva.

For party-list groups, 60 have filed their SOCE out of a total of 115.

Bautista clarified though that the SOCE would still be subjected to scrutiny by the Comelec’s Campaign Finance Office (CFO), headed by Senior Commissioner Christian Robert Lim, to determine if the contributions and expenditures of candidates and political parties were in accordance with election laws.

Under the law, candidates for President and Vice President are only allowed to spent a maximum of P10 per registered voters or a maximum total of P543 million for the entire 54.3 million registered voters.

Aside from the P10, political parties are allowed to spend an additional P5 per registered voter for their respective candidates or another P271.5 million.

On campaign contributions, Batas Pambansa (BP) 881 or The Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines and the Corporation Code of the Philippines, prohibit corporations, both foreign and domestic, from giving donations to any political party candidate or for the purpose of any partisan political activity.



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  1. NoFutureIfItContinues on

    Wow!!! There really is no hope fot the Failippines….. Breaking their own Laws for the sake of their puppet elites to be in office. If you Failipinos don’t unite to stop these kind of people, then every 6 years there will never be a trustworthy elections. Clearly these Liberal Party of Corrupts are breaking the Laws here and there while the Supreme Courts are doing nothing but sitting their assess letting themselves fat, or are they getting payed Billions by these corrupts since they themselves are corrupt aswell?

  2. The no. 1 priority of the comelec should not be the filing of SOCE…instead it must be the “VOTE BUYING” activities that MUST NOT BE ALLOWED which is prescribed under the law…mga hunghang itong comelec, nag-bubulag-bulagan mga yan dapat matuluyan mabulag… then filing of SOCE should follow…alam ng lahat lalo ng comelec na yong SOCE effile ng mga corrupt na kandidato ay mga dinoktor din…pero formality lang yon at tatanggapin din ng comelec…papano uunlad ang bansang lugmok kung hindi ipapatupad at hihigpitan sundin ang Bilihan ng Boto…tapos mga tao nagdedemad pa na bayaran sila sa pagboto nila?…kawawang bansa at susunod na henerasyon !!!

  3. ernie del rosario on

    Shortly after he was appointed, somebody warned Bautista through his Chief of Staff then that there is “life after Noynoy” so he should be extra careful in dealing with him especially in matters which will destroy the sanctity of the ballot after all his term ends in 2022 still. But he took the Judas path and betrayed the Filipino people. He in fact has hung himself instead. It is just a matter of time before he sinks down on bended knees to implore God’s help to rescue him.

  4. Comelec Chairman Juan Andres Bautista (Aquino’s cousin) will make an exception for the Liberal party even tho the law clearly states

    “The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.”

    Here we go again,
    Bautista should be arrested for corrupting the office of the Comelec

  5. The issue on the violation of the SOCE by the LP was extensively discussed by R. Tiglao in yesterday’s issue in his column. The Comelec Resolution being referred to is Comelec Resolution 9991, particularly Sec.2, Rule 10 and Sec. 5 Rule 10.

    The pertinent ruling very clearly states that ““The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.”

    This ruling logically and legally leads to the inevitable effect that those affected winning candidates cannot assume office. Bautista and the Comelec en banc must follow their own Resolution in pursuance of the Omnibus Election Code right now, before the issue is raised to the Supreme Court.

  6. The whole country should watch how this Andres Bautista will extricate himself violating an en banc Comelec Resolution he himself led to sign if he will let the violation on the filing of the SOCE on time on a non-extendible basis, go by. If Comelec en banc will go back on its word (that the deadline set is on an non-extendible basis), then the country indeed has no hope in having credible, honest and well-regimented elections. Our May 9 elections is a farce and merely held to perpetuate the crime syndicate of the infamous Aquino administration led by the dubious machinations of this.Andres Bautista. We remember that Comm. Rowena Guanzon declared that only Bautista has the password to tamper with the VCMs. There we have it. If Smartmatic was able to have access to those machines, it was because they were helped by someone from the inside and the finger points to no one but Bautista, who is now fast becoming a persona non grata and the absolute villain in our farcical election.