• Comelec should stop its gamesmanship with the Supreme Court


    THE people want the May 9 elections. The nation needs the elections in order to put its house in order, and to set its course aright.

    No decision or action, therefore, must be taken, official or non-official, that will tend to thwart or prevent the holding of elections on the date ordained by the Constitution – the second Monday of May this year.

    In casually speculating that the elections can be postponed to June 9, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is indulging in conjecture that is irresponsible and injurious to the nation’s interest.

    The Comelec is engaging in gamesmanship with the Supreme Court, in the vain hope that through this stratagem, the Court will modify or withdraw its order requiring the poll body to issue voters’ receipts in the balloting, and allow Comelec to relax on the election safeguard.

    This is not a sound course to follow.

    Comelec should not indulge in careless talk of how there is no more time left to prepare for the balloting. The election commissioners made the grievous mistake of not submitting on time their memorandum when former Senator Richard Gordon filed his suit before the SC, which agreed to hear it. As a consequence, they reaped their current dilemma of being pressed for both time and arguments.

    The proper remedy is for the Comelec to argue its position before the SC, and persuade the justices on the soundness and correctness of its position.

    If it wishes it should also discuss before the Court the issue of whether or why the voter’s receipt is truly vital to the honesty and credibility of the elections.

    Many citizens are wondering about the real and practical value of their holding a receipt for their votes, and how this will help to ensure the proper counting of their votes. Is the rationale rooted on a conjectural or hypothetical recounting of votes using the receipts? Is this really contemplated by the automated election system law, because if it were, it makes the law slipshod and sophomoric.

    This is to suggest that no one should be lazy in arguing these points before the Court, because nothing less than the proper conduct and integrity of the electoral process is at stake.

    The Comelec should not make the mistake of making the nation choose between itself (its top officials) and the elections, because the people will surely choose elections and their exercise of suffrage.

    An elections body is vital, yes, to the holding of elections. But officials are only temporary custodians of their office. The better way is for all officials and staff of the poll body to diligently prepare for their time of service to the nation, which they must not fail.

    Comelec’s time should be entirely devoted now to preparations for the May 9 elections, and to ensuring their orderly, peaceful and honest conduct when the day comes.


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    1. Romeo Tuazon on

      Yes I agreed 100%. I never heard of any country postponed a national election because the people running the election is short of time or unable to meet the deadline. They were given a job they accepted and must have already planned to meet any necessary hurdle whenever presented. Only if there is insurgency like what happened in Nigeria and violence like Haiti should it be postpone. But if they are playing game with the Supreme Court, it is culpable in their part and betrays the trust of the people.

    2. Wow Senator Gordon have ample time from 2010 to 2016 to file charges against Chairmen Melo & Brilliantes and their commissioners for neglect of duties not following the Election law, Why did WOW in the last two minutes filed with the ” Sus .. SC ‘ to require the present Comelec to issue receipts to voters? I know that Wow Gordon is a follower and fan of Areneo basketball team like Pnoy and Sis and KBam, but why file only in the last two minutes? Hindi ba naniniwala si WoW Gordon sa survey ng Sus Walang Survey at False Asia na kasama sya sa 1st 12 o baka madaya nanaman sila sa opposition? Di ba JLDC?

      • Sir/madam apo3kr, you dont have to tell the whole Pilipino people na bobo ka. before you comment you should have think twice if it is ripe and right. Why should Sem Gordon file any case against the comelec when their is a presumption that the comelec should follow the law on automated elections. sen gordon only filed the case upon knowing that the comelec again will not follow the minimum requirement under automated law which requires of the VVPAT and the review of the source code. I the comelec issued or declared in 2014 that they again will not follow the rules stipulated under the automated law then by all means sen gordon could have filed this case then. the problem is we have so many incompetent people appointed into office by this yellow cow.

    3. Fair N Square on

      “No decision or action, therefore, must be taken, official or non-official, that will tend to thwart or prevent the holding of elections on the date ordained by the Constitution – the second Monday of May this year.” The Supreme Court did not abide by this.
      It was all systems go and now it looks like it’s a mess. Certainly, requiring voter receipts at this late stage increased the probability that the election on May 9 will not be orderly and credible. Who then will be accountable? People will say PNoy and the Comelec. How about the SC? Will they accept some accountability?