• Comforting words about BBL


    FILIPINOS should insist that any law passed by Congress giving the MILF the mini-constitution for their desired Bangsamoro autonomous region or substate must clearly comply with our Constitution.

    There have been many reasons to warn our lawmakers that they should ignore BS Aquino’s pleas for them to pass the BBL as soon as possible and to be lenient in their review of the draft BBL that he had certified for priority passage and personally submitted to Congress. His appeal has been for congressmen and senators to close their eyes to the provisions of the BBL that are unconstitutional and are in conflict with existing laws of our Republic.

    The PCOS-machine-created president’s words published by the Philippine Star on February 18 are, however, comforting. The report by Delon Porcalla says, “President Aquno will accept any version of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that Congress will come up with despite a veiled threat from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that it should be the original version or nothing.”

    That report does not quote BS Aquino himself, though. Only Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. was quoted as saying that “the executive branch acknowledges the power and role of the Senate and the House of Representatives in crafting laws, especially the proposed law that will create the Bangsamoro autonomous region in Mindanao.” And also, “We understand that the legislative process involves the process of review, the process of proposing amendments, which is part of the dynamics of political process in creating any law.”

    And Coloma is reported to have “reminded the MILF and the government peace panels that there are other stakeholders in the peace process.”

    This is marvelous, considering that BS Aquino has been earlier quoted to have said “BBL or nothing.”

    Assurances from MILF side
    Another comforting news came out in the Mindanao Inquirer on Tuesday, under the headline “MILF willing to wait, won’t wage war if BBL is delayed, revised.”

    Datelined Cagayan de Oro City, the report says “The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has maintained that it would not wage another war in case the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) fails to pass or gets revised by Congress.

    “ ‘Robert Alonto, deputy chair of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, told a recent forum here that the MILF would continue to negotiate with the government but would defend itself if war was waged against it.

    “ ‘The MILF does not have the intention to go back to war unless we have to defend ourselves, [from attacking government military units],’ Alonto said.”

    We are not urging our readers and the whole Filipino people to rejoice, though. One, because these assurances were spoken by Alonto and not MILF Central Committee Chairman Al-Haj Murad Ebrahim. Two, because even if the assurances came from Chairman Murad, we should still worry somehow. That’s because our PCOS-produced president BS Aquino and Chairman Murad have both been known to speak from both sides of their mouths.

    What we truly find comforting is that the Senate has a patriot in Sen. Francis Escudero, who despite being known to be a loyal friend to BS Aquino, has called on his fellow lawmakers to do their duty of making sure that the BBL is amended so that it complies with the Constitution and does not empower the officials of the proposed Bangsamoro region to trash–or even just ignore–the existing laws of our Republic.

    We also remind congressmen and senators that aside from purging the original MILF-Palace BBL draft of unconstitutional and anti-Philippine Republic provisions, they must also add a clear statement that the Philippine Congress rejects the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro or CAB (which the Philippine government and MILF panels signed) because it contains many statements and provisions that mock the history and sovereignty of the Philippine Republic and lay the premise for the future separation from the Philippines of the proposed Bangsamoro region.


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    1. Frisco Consolacion on

       President Aquino and peace negotiators, Deles and Ferrer, should be charged with TREASON for promoting the dismemberment of the Philippine territory. There must be other peaceful ways to seek true, long-lasting PEACE in Mindanao without sacrificing the INTEGRITY of our country. BBL IS NOT THE ANSWER.  BBL IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL…NO to BBL!   ONE COUNTRY…ONE CONSTITUTION…ONE GOVERNMENT.

    2. The most logical way to attain the true peaceful mindanao is to wait for this government to adapt federalism though ever since the Marcos regime, war and maintenance of warlords in mindanao is big business. Now you see an all-out offensive but more often only civilians are affected, this has long been a teledrama mutually beneficial to those in the government and the favored rebel groups. Pushing hard for the BBL will not only give pogi points to Pnoy and his minions but wealth that can outlast all religions combined.

    3. There are other stakeholders in Mindanao peace process. MILF “peace treaty” is put at risk when there are no agreements between gobyerno-Pilipinas and those other stakeholders. MILF will still shoot at gobyerno-Pilipinas peace-treaty or no peace-treaty. This was demonstrated on Jan 2, 2015. MILF will shoot at PNP/SAF and gobyerno-Pilipinas when other stakeholders (like JI-terrorists and their protectors) shoot at gobyerno-Pilipinas troops.

    4. This BBL is a waste of time and money. Unless they include other rebel factions in the peace process, there can never be peace in Mindanao. Take the case of BIFF. It’s force is growing in numbers as to arms logistics and soldiers by the day. Their source of income comes from sympathizers here and abroad and from illegal activities like the Abu Sayyaf. By the time the proposed Bangsamoro Entity will become into a reality, this BIFF will already be a big menace to the peace all over Mindanao that another peace talk will take place again. And who knows, there maybe other BIFF leaders who are as selfish as others will break away and form another faction and so on and so forth. You cannot simply wipe-out these rebels because their soldiers and leaders can be replaced easily by a populace who were not honestly served by our government especially in most poor provinces of Mindanao. During Arroyo’s time they promised to wipe-out these Abu Sayyaf in two years time but until now they still exist. Similar with the Aquino regime. They now wage war with the BIFF and the Abu Sayyaf hoping to finish them in due time, but I doubt it. War with these moro rebel take centuries or forever unless our government system is changed and is serious when it comes to delivering services to the people in general.

    5. In the 1960’s, a Gen. Bautista went to a camp in Jolo to talk peace with the Muslim rebels, instead of peace, he and his men were massacred by the rebels. This is one fact to consider. the Muslims cannot be trusted. They will not hesitate to stab one in the back.

    6. Rogelio C. Lim on

      Ganoon din ang sinabi ni Escudero na bubusisiin nila ang national budget ng 2015, pero ganoon pa rin ang kagustuhan ni Noynoy/Abad ang nasunod may idinagdag pa na bagong definition ng saving. Huwag tayong maniwala sa mga inutil na senador. Ang 2015 budget ay punong puno ng pork barrel upang ipansuhol sa kanila.

      • i wonder why manila times cannot see what the chizwiz is saying and what he is doing. tama ka rogelio lim, sa dami ng sinabi ni chizwiz, like the budget, pero pag dating sa botohan yung sinabi pa rin ni boy sisi ang kanyang iboboto at kakalimutan na yung sinabi nya at sya pa ang mag dedepensa sa gusto ni boy sisi na sinunod nila sa kongreso