• Comfy feeding means quality bonding

     Celebrity moms and their kids learn about comfort feeding philosophy

    Celebrity moms and their kids learn about comfort feeding philosophy

    Baby’s comfort during meals and the need to address tummy expansion as a result of feeding was the focus of discussion at the launch of a parenting event titled “Comfy feeding philosophy” featuring celebrity moms Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and Say Alonzo. Candid in sharing their experiences with their own children, they had doctor Jennifer Concepcion-Lim of the Philippine Pediatric Society to explain why their feeding styles worked or not.

    Spearheaded by Kimberly-Clark Philippines through its subsidiary Huggies Philippines, the mommy get-together aimed to help both new and experienced moms turn stressful struggles during feeding time into no-fuss bonding moments with their growing babies.

    Empress Schuck with her baby

    Empress Schuck with her baby

    Author of numerous children’s books and parenting manuals, Master’s degree holder in Parenting and Child Development, and proud mother of five, actress Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan recounted the various challenges that came with feeding time and how she succeeded in encouraging her kids to eat more by being patient and taking active steps to make sure they felt comfortable.

    Board-certified pediatrician and PPS fellow Jennifer Concepcion-Lim, M.D. discussed how baby’s tummies naturally expand, at times by as much as 40-percent, while eating. She stressed the importance of choosing the right clothing and diapers, such as won’t constrict babies’ bellies, cause discomfort and, in turn, make them fussier and difficult to feed.

    Nicole Sia, assistant brand manager of Huggies Dry Pants explained how embracing the Comfy Feeding Philosophy with the help of their new diaper with waistband allows for less stress and more enjoyable mom and baby moments during mealtimes.

    “As a result, moms and babies can feel assured that they are guided every step of the way,” she added.


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