Coming-of-age film spotlights Jake and Bea

Bea Binene and Jake Vargas get their biggest break to date in ‘Liwanag sa Dilim’

Bea Binene and Jake Vargas get their biggest break to date in ‘Liwanag sa Dilim’

Young actors Jake Vargas and Bea Binene have finally gotten their biggest break as an onscreen tandem with the upcoming teen adventure-action movie Liwanag sa Dilim.

The GMA Network talents were tapped by APT Entertainment (Ded na si Lolo, and The Janitor) to top bill February 11 movie, and test once and for all, the pairing’s draw via mainstream cinema.

Directed by Richard Sommes—who said at Liwanag sa Dilim’s grand press launch on Wednesday that its “high time the industry makes coming-of-age movies again”—casts Jake and Bea as daring teenagers who stumble upon the secret of a mysterious woman (Sarah Lahbati) who lives in the mountains. Young and curiosity, their lives are endangered when a video of the woman that Jake took went viral on social media. Naturally, the woman vows to get back at them, which takes them on an adventure of a lifetime.

“This is our biggest break as a tandem, Jake and I are happy with the trust given to us by APT Entertainment to play the lead roles,” said Bea who dabbled in action scenes for the movie.

“Doing this movie is a different kind of experience for me. This is big opportunity for Bea and I to show what we’ve got as actors. We play very challenging roles, but our fans will also have their fill of kilig scenes through-out Liwanag sa Di-lim,” said Jake who also showed off his potential for action.

Providing comic relief in the movie is Igi Boy Flores, with an impressive sup-port cast in Sunshine Cruz, Dante Rivero, Julian Trono, Sunshine Garcia, Freddie Webb, and singer Rico Blanco, whose 2005 Rivermaya hit is both the title and theme song of the unique Valentine offering.

“If you listen to the lyrics of the song, you will see that it’s perfect for a coming-of-age film as it talks about taking responsibility for your actions,” effused Direk Richard. “Liwanag sa Dilim is a metaphor for the youth—a guide on how to take on their journey in the world.”


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