Command responsibility


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is currently investigating the shooting to death of a Taiwanese fisherman by our coast guard in Batanes last May 9.

If the result of investigation shows that our troops overreacted by killing an unarmed poacher on our waters, not only the ship’s crew should be punished but the highest ranking official of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) must be held accountable as well, in this case, Rear Admiral Rodolfo Isorena.

It is the responsibilty of the commandant to ensure that all of his personnel observe proper conduct and follow the rules of engagement on every mission.

A day after the said incident, the coast guard issued a statement saying they will not apologize over the death of the fisherman claiming self defense as the fishing vessel tried to ram the government patrol boat.

The stupid and arrogant statement by the coast guard triggered anger and series of protest in Taiwan and some of our overseas workers found themselves at the recieving end of all these.

Rear Adm. Isorena should take full responsiblity over the actions of his men. Though they accomplished their mission in guarding our territory, it was very costly since it put the entire nation in a dangerous position including the life and welfare of our OFWs in Taiwan.

If I were Isorena, I would resign out of “delicadeza”.

Im not sure if he has one though?


The lawyer with a big heart…

On June 1, TV 5 will witness its first change of leadership when its current President, Atty. Rey Espinosa, will hand over the helm to Noel Lorenzana, a dynamic and innovative former advertising executive.

Espinosa, a top gun lawyer for the Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) group of companies, was promoted as over all head for its foreign investments which is based in Hong Kong.

Atty. Rey, as he is known in the MVP group of companies and RCE over at TV 5, has been the president of the network since its very first day of operation.

But unknown to most of his subordinates, RCE has a big heart for the less fortunate just like his boss and friend Manny Pangilinan.

He spearheaded the formation of the Alagang Kapatid Foundation of TV 5, which helps calamity and fire victims and attends to the medical needs of the poor.

Espinosa, a bar topnotcher, was also behind the creation of Rescue 5, an emergency medical team of the network that is on the road 24/7 ready to assist those in need of emergency treatment and medical transport.

Being a lawyer who wants to defend the oppressed and the abused in our society, he conceptualized and put on air, T3, a public service program that goes after abusive and corrupt officials and scurpulous businessmen as well.
Thank you Attorney Rey.

Good luck and God bless you, Boss.


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