Is this Commander-in-Chief ‘bakla’?


President Noynoy has passed on the blame to the commander of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF) for the “lack of coordination” that had led to the death trap and massacre of 44 of his men.

But Noynoy, who is the Commander-in-Chief of this republic, did not even coordinate with his Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP acting chief Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina in handling the matter after the incident.

Now, who did Noynoy coordinate with, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)?

Did he expect the Muslim rebels to yield the international terrorists they were harboring by virtue of the Bangsamoro peace deal? Yesterday morning, the Commander-in-Chief was not even present at the arrival of the remains of the fallen heroes at the Villamor Air Base.

Noynoy reportedly chose to grace the inauguration of a Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant in Laguna, instead of personally showing his sympathies and extending his condolences to the aggrieved families of the slain SAF troopers.

All the more that Congress must investigate Noynoy’s orders which had led to this horrific tragedy.

The truth must be brought to fore, particularly the involvement of suspended PNP Director General Alan Purisima in launching this Oplan Palpak and in keeping Roxas, Espina and the military in the dark.

I don’t think Noynoy even coordinated or consulted with the so-called National Security Council.

Now, almost five years into Noynoy’s Administration, many of us are just finding out what a lame commander-in-chief we have in our midst.

With over a year left in his term, he would have gotten away with the usual lip service and double-talk.

On Wednesday night, not a few people may have thrown up in disgust upon hearing Noynoy’s first public statement on the massacre.

Noynoy may have gotten away with lies, as we heard from his much-awaited pronouncement, with his empty rhetoric devoid of empathy, conviction and passion expected of a leader.

Four days since the bloodbath, he merely treated us, again, with his all familiar lip service and double-talk.

Unfortunately for Noynoy, he could not get away this time with such senseless speech on the matter of the deaths of 44 of the best men in uniformed service.
This time, presidential rhetoric would not assuage the outrage of a grieving nation demanding justice.

As if trivializing the tragedy, Noynoy, instead, took the opportunity to warn those who might exploit the situation, apparently referring to his political rivals.

This bakla commander-in-chief must truthfully explain the involvement of suspended Director General Purisima in this most disgraceful incident.

Noynoy’s cowardice defies empty words, as heartless as the trigger-happy murderers of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF) troops.

This bakla would not even take responsibility for having waylaid his men into a death trap. (With bakla, of course, we only mean coward, a chicken)
Come to think of it, he blames the SAF commander for not properly “coordinating” with whom Noynoy did not clarify.

Again, did Noynoy mean coordinate with the MILF?

Congress must find out if that’s exactly what Noynoy did—coordinate with the MILF.
Doesn’t Noynoy  trust Roxas, his presumptive heir to the post of commander-in-chief?

If I were Mar, I would have resigned right after my boss’s meaningless lip service.
Noynoy even lauded the MILF for creating an “investigative body” to shed light onto the five-hour “mis-encounter.”

The PNP men and women, including their brothers-in-arms at the AFP, now await the next move of their Commander-in-Chief. Will he stand on their side or still break bread with the enemies?

Sino ba talaga ang boss mo, boss?


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    • According to CEOs Executive Safety, the bakla is not even a commander in chief.

      To Dear Toto, unfortunately, bakla is accurate and Mr. Tulfo is right. The senator, during the time of Madam Cory was caught inside one of the quarters buildings of the Presidential Security compound at Otis Street naked mounted upon and being humped by another naked member of the same sex. On the floor were drug paraphernalia. The senator was livid with hatred his eyes were glowing in that dark spot and shouted repeatedly at the departing discoverer of the kinky deed:

      That’s the problem with mummy’s boys and girls Toto. At least the rest of the gay community are open with their kasarian. This one threatens you with WALA KANG NAKITA DITO! LAGOT KA KAY MUMMY!!!

      As for me, that uncertain idiot is a shit

  1. Bakit ba talagang gamitin ang salitang bakla? Kung duwag, bakla kaagad? FYI Mr. Tulfo, maraming baklang sundalo, hindi lang sa Pinas kundi sa buong mundo na nasa front lines while you sit there writing for Manila Times.

    Kung makagamit lang kayo ng salitang bakla. Bakit di niyo gamitin ang salitang duwag? Kung talagang yan naman talaga ang gusto niyong sabihin?

  2. Tanungin ang mga nagbabantay ng isang sikretong lagusan sa isang bar sa Morato kung totoo nga.

    Hindi ba kayong mga PSG ay kabaro din ng mga namatay? Ilantad na nyo ang kabaklaan ng baklang prinoprotektahan nyo dahil pagdating ng araw, pati kayo ay ilalaglag at isasakripisyo nyan.

  3. jephraim de guzman on

    Bakla / Chicken shit exactly the personality of the said commander in chief…You exactly said it right idol… mabuhay k and the rest of T3…

  4. Its all too late to criticise Noynoy now, its all the fault of the entire electors for using the heart instead of the head and electing who will lead the country. Mat this serve as a warning in choosing the next leader.

    • …very well said bro!!!! I’m with you in putting the blame on our electorate for using their hearts, and not their minds …in choosing the people who profess to lead us…..where most of the times…leads us to our own perdition??? …BUTI NGA SA ATIM!!!!!

    • Please don’t blame the electorate.
      The senator Benigno Simeon 3rd was just rammed into the throats of 100 million Filipinos using enormous amounts of cash.
      Please be kind to the poor electorate who did not have a hand in the cheating at the 2010 elections.
      If anyone else except the senator bading won, the Philippines will still be in a very much better state, corruption or no corruption
      This regime’s record of corruption is the worst in our entire history
      “Bente ang akin” for the entire budget of every department (for one family alone, the la primera familia)
      OMG!!! Never in our existence as a country!

  5. Living up to the color of the ribbon he so arrogantly and stubbornly wears on his left breast – YELLOW, another word for cowardly, ignobly lacking in courage, chickenhearted, craven, dastardly, faint-hearted, lily-livered, pusillanimous, unmanly, (Slang) chicken, gutless, yellow-bellied, as defined in Your Dictionary.

  6. Instead of being persistent in seeking justice for the dead SAF members and their kins, this P-noy seems to just shrug off this incident as a collateral damage just to advance his own brand of peace with an untrustworthy group. Those treacherous MILF members not just killed, but mutilated many, disrespected the dead and took away their firearms. And this CIC did not even mention any demand for the return of the SAF weapons or firmly insist for the surrender of the MILF members involved in the massacre. That should have been the least he can do at this point. Other Philippine leaders would have immediately ordered the assault to pulverize this MILF base command and pursue relentlessly the perpetrators of this massacre.

  7. chthonic monster on

    “Now, who did Noynoy coordinate with, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)?”

    this is exactly the question that nobody ever asked before. if he did coordinate with the milf then it is high treason! long before the Fallen 44 got to mamasapanot their goose was already cooked. the cutthroats were just waiting for them is was a plain turkey shoot! and the rest was history.

  8. Silvino Panganiban on

    I think the proper word is duwag, there are a lot of baklas who have more courage or more ball than this president. It might be true though that he is bakla, his loyalty or love for his bff Alan Purisima is beyond comprehension

  9. Jose A. Oliveros on

    I want to hurl at PeNoy a phrase that the late Supreme Court Associate Justice Querube Makalintal characterized in one of his Supreme Court decisions as not libelous but is a common expression in Tagalog which does not reflect on the virtue of one’s mother.
    As for Mar (Boy Palpak) Roxas, kung may natitira pa siyang kahihiyan at paggalang sa kaniyang sarili, dapat siyang mag-resign bilang Interior Secretary. Isang sensitive operation na hindi ipinaalam sa kaniya as Interior Secretary; at masakit pa, ang nagplano ay si Gen. Purisima na suspendido bilang PNP Chief.

  10. I’m your fan, Erwin and I agree with all your pronouncements. But be sensitive enough to use the word ‘bakla’ to mean duwag. We need to be politically correct nowadays to use a term such as that. The gay community is probably gonna be aghast and appalled to have this lame and mentally challenged, ugly and bald President (the title is not even worthy and appropriate to be bestowed on this nincompoop) to be even included in that class. Eeewwwww!

  11. Im just wondering with Pnoy speech??? Baket po hindi nya binabanggit na huhulihin at papanagutin at manhunt yung mga MILF na pumatay mismo sa 44 SAF Soldiers??? Baket si Usman lang??? PLEASE MR PRESIDENT DON’T BE A COWARD LAME DUCK COMMANDER IN CHIEF! Baket si usman ang una mo ipapahuli hindi ba dapat yung mga pumalibot na mga pumatay na MILF sa SAF44. They were BRUTALLY KILLED! Yan ang inaantay ng mga pamilya ng mga nasawi HUSTISYA na mahuli at MAPATAY din ang mga MILF na pumatay sa SAF44!!!! BAKET WALA KA SAGOT??? As usual sa speech mo imbis na maging focus ang mga namatay ay SARILI MO NANAMAN ANG FINOCUS mo – yung pagkamatay ng tatay mo! BE SENSITIVE NAMAN MR PRES! EVERYTHING IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! PURO KA DAKDAK! KALA MO IKAW LANG MAGALING! LISTEN FIRST BEFORE YOU TALK !!!

  12. Inutil na Imbecile, idiot, Ingrato, Judas na Makapili…Vengador, Boy Sisi.
    Mag paka busy nalang siya sa kanyang favorite na mga game na laro ng PsP at pa yosi-yosi – habang kinakatay na ang mga pinadala niya sa operation at panganib na mga SAF-PNP. At pa yosi- yosi pa uli waiting sa Zambo para tanggapin ang magandang balita na nahuli na ang dalawang terorista – voila!!! bangkay na ang 44 SAF.

  13. People’s Power ? I don’t think so … Maiingay lang kayo , kulang sa gawa ! Good luck na lang sa inyo .

    • Chris, how about you? What are you willing to do for your country and people? Better yet, what have you done for your country and people?

  14. Carl Cid Inting on

    Noynoy has long been suspected to be gay. But, more than that, he is a spineless puppet of foreign and local interests. For one, Noynoy is a puppet and spokesman of the Malaysian government. He has sold out the Philippine claim to Sabah to the Malaysians and defended Malaysia before even protecting Filipino Muslims who were incensed over the Sabah sell-out.

    Noynoy is also obsequious to the MILF. He would even castigate and admit shortcomings in the SAF operations, before denouncing MILF brutality and treachery. Noynoy can show flashes of ill-temper, like a woman in a hormonal tantrum, such as when he badmouthed Filipino Catholic bishops in front of the Pope. But Noynoy could not even reproach or give warning to the MILF after they sadistically and inhumanly massacred Filipino troopers.

    • Exactly ! What you said is Correct! In his speech, he hardly touched on the Massacre of the 44 SAF Commandos and the Justice for them! He DID NOT CONDEMN the SLAUGHTER by the MILF and BIFF.

  15. Anima A. Agrava on

    Tama, Boss Tulfo.
    Dapat magresign na yang sinungaling at ipokritong palpak President na iyan. O di kaya i-People Power na natin.

  16. Bakla or Bading, very consistent talaga sa kapalpakan ang walang kwentang presidente si aquino. Alis dyan!

  17. Francis Galvez on

    I agree with your points, Mr. Tulfo.

    But, please, do not use the word ‘bakla.’

    There are homosexuals in the military who are ready to defend our country and risk their own lives for their countrymen. (For all we know, there might be one among the slain 44.) They may be bakla, but they are braver than most of us.

    Use ‘duwag’ instead. Thank you.

    • Yes, DUWAG is More Appropriate. The use of the word ‘bakla’ is the term that we use in the 60s, 70s and 80s to describe a COWARD. It is almost AUTOMATIC to use it as a spontaneous response. We also use the word “SUPOT” the or Not Circumsized. So we must be political correct and not use the word ‘ Bakla’ again because the gays are BRAVER than P-Noy! Let us call President B.S. Aquino III ” DUWAG” or even ‘ SUPOT?’

  18. If Roxas is not also Bakla – will take this very rear
    opportunity to RESIGN to save himself if he wanted
    to become President.

  19. “Bakla” in so many ways, that’s BS Aquino. Look at how he’s trying to protect Ochoa again!

  20. Bakit qualified pa yung bakla? Babanat ka na rin lang, di mo pa tinodo. Minsan na interview itong si BS ( does not stand for baklang sincere which is an oxymoron) kung bakit daw wala pa siya ng asawa, ang sagot niya: ” Its hard to find a woman who will understand what I will go through.” Wow! Hanep sa rationalization diba? Yung mga SAF na nasawi lahat may asawa o kasintahan mas matindi ba yun pinagdadaanan niya dun? Baka personal crisis ang ibig niyang sabihin. Ano kaya yung crisis na yun? tanong mo kaya kay Boy Abunda o Vice Ganda.

    • Ngayon lang niya nasabi yon? Kataka taka, ilang taon ba na natutulog yan sa Senado non? Nung panahong yon, lahat ng oras sa nasa kanya na di ba? Di naman niy masasabi na ganon din siya nong mambubutas ng silya pa siya.

  21. Pareng Er, eliminate the word “bakla” dahil inappropriate maraming din bakla na sundalo who will fight rather than flight. Let’s use “no balls” or “gutless chicken shit” or “duwag” dahil na trauma at an early age nang mawalan ng ama kaya naging mama’s boy. I’d say he should personally lead the soldiers go meet with the MILF which stands no more than “mothers I love F” and demand Usman’s head along with soldiers who participated in the massacre as token of their good faith then behead them all so they can become a martyr of hell and pay their debts to society. Next, ask for Nur Misuari to come out and pay his debt for a peace treaty turned into an ambush killing an entire platoon. He too should pay by having his head on the ground we walk. There will be no good that will come out from all of this but there will be unity and peace among all of us because justice will persevere whether right or wrong it will be RIGHT!


  23. muriel magtanggol on

    Salamat, don’t stop bringing that up? What is Noynoy’s culpability for employing a suspended PNP chief?
    He led those men to their slaughter!