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    Those who are saying that the Philippines is doomed to disappear as the Republic it is now must be right. With electricity costing so much here and the abandonment of the original GRP-MNLF peace agreement to pave the way for the new GPH-MILF peace agreement that creates the Bangsamoro State, our country is sure to lose Mindanao.

    That is a development the foreign powers are waiting for.

    The USA, Japan, the UK, China, the EU, Australia, etcetera are all eager to see Mindanao as another financial and industrial playground for their financiers. They cannot make the entire Republic of the Philippines the new TIGER ECONOMY of the world because of our cumbersome and CORRUPT implementation of DEMOCRACY. They can create several new Singapores in Mindanao, which will help LIFT UP their (the Western Powers’) fallen banking and financial fortunes.

    The new Bangsamoro State and other small states that will arise in Mindanao and in Palawan, Cebu and other parts of our present Republic will shine.

    The Filipinos in our sad sack Philippine Republic, with its protectionist Constitution and CORRUPT Congress and LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies, cannot “put its act together.” But, with the guidance and funding of the Western powers, these new Bangsamoro and other states will succeed in at least becoming as acceptable as Malaysia is if they do not become as great as Singapore.

    How painful it is for me to write all this.

    But that is why the Salim-Meralco leaders–specially Anthoni Salim and Manuel V. Pangilinan– hate us Filipinos and would rather put their money in Jurong Industrial Estate and not in power plants in the Philippines.

    Eddie de Leon
    Hannsom, Santillan St.
    Makati City


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    1. I travelled a lot in Mindanao and I can see the distinct differences in the economy, culture, and mentality between the Local Muslim and the migrated Christian from the North. They will never be able to live peacefully together when there exists huge inbalance between the two. Being a Muslim, i could rather see Mindanao become independent. Yet being a Christian, i will never trust our Muslim brother. That’s why both live in different communities. Nevertheless, whoever govern Mindanao, there will always be rampant graft & corruption; because its the nature of almost all Pilipino politicians, driven by lust, greed & power.

    2. our muslim brothers particularly the members of the MILF still has to prove themselves in governance. Will they be able to govern for the people of mindanao, muslim and christians alike, or go the way of Nur Misuari.

    3. Hi Ed de Leon,

      How I wish that Mindanao becomes a separate state or an independent state guided and funded by western powers for the sake of all the Mindanao-an’s, muslims’, christians’ and all people living in Mindanao who has suffered so much because of the people running or inhabiting in malacanang.

    4. I certainly hope that the Western financiers are not allowed to exploit the Philippines. As an Australian who regularly visits Manila I visit because I love the people and the warmth of the culture. I would hate to see that go. Yes, I would like to see an end to the corruption. I would be devastated to see a disintegration of the Philippines and I would be ashamed of my country, Australia, if it ever exploited the Philippines. Not all of us in the west support the greed of governments and big corporations.

    5. It will definitely be a separate state and eventually and independence Mindanao in the future. That is the ultimate dreams of the MILF to have its own independence own republic separated from Philippines. That’s the reality that those govt stupid agreed without thinking what the ultimate dream if the MILF.

    6. Ed,
      Philippines will never disappear as a republic. In fact, it will be the other way around. It will become number two or three again in Asia. We’re the little Israel in this part of the world. The Salim-Meralco investment amounting to US$500M in Singapore is drop in the ocean compared to the investments being made by SM in China, San Miguel in other parts of the world, etc. They have the right to invest somewhere else if the yield is good. But it does not mean that Salim-Meralco don’t like to invest more in the Phliipines. The Bangsa Moro agreement is a deal that has been thought long and hard by both parties but it does not mean that PH will allow the provinces that comprises the BM will separate. There are a lot of good Filipinos regardless of religion who like me will not allow disintegration of PH.

      • I wish your statement that the Philippines will be number 2 or 3 in asia again however the country has a very corrupt patronage politics system.Politicians are using their position to steal money from the people.

      • yes, you will not allow it to happen but what are you going to do about it? Tell us so that we may join you.