Common sense is dead


THE AlDUB nation is better than the Philippine state and that accounts for the huge success of the creative minds of Eat Bulaga. Eat Bulaga has more common sense than the Aquino administration. For the latter, common sense is dead while for the former, common sense made them King in noon time category as well as break records in the entertainment industry with the no advertisement, no break to the rafters Saturday show from the Philippine arena. The Filipino nation, defined as those in Manila and the four corners of the world, stopped to watch history in the making and became, for a moment, proud of what Eat Bulaga dared and achieved.

Eat Bulaga knew when to allow the bloom to continue and to end when the going is high. Unlike AIDUB nation, the Philippine state is in suspended animation before the caring part kicks in. This is not an isolated case, such as the Laglag Bala, but symptomatic of how government handles issues affecting citizens and protects the reputation of the country. To even tell the public that they (officials) have to tell the president of what is happening (again) in NAIA is another proof of a disengaged leadership, of not wanting to know the problems but only hosannas. And this they insist in continuing? That is why when people keep saying we need to continue Tuwid na Daan, we should ask, which one would you continue?

The AIDUB nation is the proof of concept for convergence. Much better than what Manny Pangilinan of TV5 and Gaby Lopez of ABS CBN were so seriously planning to launch years back and probably by 2016. It was not about technology or of being the number one media organization in the country. Far from it.

What were the tools Eat Bulaga had: a hit noontime series playing for 36 years, two unknown artists, three second (or third?) liners to the vaunted triumvirate of TVJ, an old love story peppered with cultural biases and norms of Filipinos, an interactive script that rode on the dubsmash (or lipsync) flavor and the power of the hashtag that allowed the bridge from traditional media to new media. Yes, the hashtag was the convergence tool. But politicians cannot highjack the hashtag because there is no conversion to something or someone who is not authentic and spontaneous.

So what was the secret of Eat Bulaga? Our pick was Kalye Serye, the art of improvisation, all done before our eyes in TV platform but shot in barangays and starred by ordinary citizens (that brought in the people and the audience). That laboratory gave Eat Bulaga’s creative geniuses the ability to experiment since there was no wrong, only less audience. The infamous split screen (hated by everyone because of instant reaction seen by all) became the other tool to link the audience to several events shaping as it happens. Kalye Serye was interactive TV: the stage was linked with the world outside. How do you build other audiences into the mould? Use Twitter’s hashtag and Eat Bulaga is building an online community, #AlDUBnation and building chapters of the story, all drilled via its nation of 25-35 million tweets. Eat Bulaga also had a huge ton of common sense.

Hijacking the hashtag was the way to go for Eat Bulaga’s competitors and some politicians wanting to raid the base. By hijacking, you lessen the number of tweets and delay the inevitable. By being able to tweet to the AlDUBnation, a politician thinks s/he is able to touch base with the members. Politicians need to understand that in Social Media, they got to listen more before doing a thing. Still, the traditional can’t be denied. On a Saturday, Eat Bulaga got the biggest indoor arena in the country fill to the rafters and did what has never been done before for an entertainment show: no ads and no breaks. And it was no longer virality but face-to-face. Any questions in people’s mind got settled. Clearly, Eat Bulaga showed what everyone were claiming to have, the proof of concept of convergence.

Laglag Bala is proof of how stupid government is, and this includes the yellow goddesses of the troll republic. To say that this is being done by political opponents is like telling the old lady, the OFW, the tourist, etc. that they were active partners of those “scheming minions.” How insulting. Are they now saying opponents of this administration want to sink the ship of state? But that’s them and they have always been behaving the same. That also means, there are no syndicates in NAIA that manages the operation. First, it was for a fee but when reported to media, then it became syndicates operating in NAIA (that spin is dangerous because of the obvious). But when it became too frequent, “we have informed the president.” Imagine if they did not tell hizzoner and a bullet was placed in a bag of the CEOs or leaders coming over for APEC?

A single bullet does not make a thing, right? Just like in other countries, when you bring anything not allowed, passenger needs to leave it and he/she can go. There are bottles of water confiscated; tubes of lotion, beyond the allowable limit, dumped; Swiss knives, dropped in plastic containers; lighters, etc. So, why can’t we just ask those with single bullets to drop it on a box and go on? Because, the shake artists need to earn that’s why they want the hassle. And if that is a syndicate, there must be a head that calls the shots and earns the bucks, right?

Common sense would have been just like what former National Security Adviser, Roilo Golez, said: seize and go. “When a passenger is caught with one and two bullets, just confiscate and let the passenger go. No questions, no delay. Don’t give the security personnel the power to decide.”

These days though, Voltaire would have stood up just so we hear him say again, “common sense is not so common.”


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  1. they’re downplaying the ill-effects by using statistics… pero yong nasa statistics diba yon lamang ang mga ‘officially’ reported? meaning – hindi napagkitaan ng mga scam-operatives kaya nai-turn-over na lang as ‘official’. Yon ngang na-i-report nga lang siguro, mostly walang maipambayad sa ‘kotong’.

    Wala sa statistics na yan yong mga ‘un-reported’ cases na kung saan bumayad na lang sa kotong yong mga nahuli para makabiyahe na at maiwas sa infamy na magka-record.

    Sen Goles’ proposition should be booomed loud and clear to the thick-skulled at indeed walang common-sense na mga pa-leaders kuno and their yellowed a**-wipers – again, again, again, and again.

  2. This is an unrecognized spiritual problem, Aristotle said common sense is the origin of consciousness. I dare to add that the origin of consciousness is the Holy Spirit. “A society without common sense is without conscience, morality, creativity and love.” Therefore if Aristotle and me are right, common sense is the Holy Spirit. Where is the common sense in allowing the undisguised cheating machine of Comelec/Smartmatic to run our elections, for one? Or stopping the use pills or condoms for poor couples who do not want to have any more unwanted babies who cannot be fed, clothed and loved, for the reason that the uncreated – uncreated because the egg and sperm have not yet met- have primordial rights that trump REAL PEOPLE’S right to escape or prevent suffering, for another? Take note that this yellow regime is infested with Ateneo graduates, and and you cannot help ask if Ateneo is where they expensively strip the young of their common sense, not to mention their scruples. Seriously, I believe the solution should start with changing the national religion. By the way, TVJ are school dropouts, if that should mean anything to you.

  3. Common sense is so common that this government doesn’t use it anymore. Or simply, they do not have it at all.

  4. In fairness to Abnoy’s Administration convergence is “They Dont Care at all” and there hashtag is #BahalaKayoSaBuhayNiyo

  5. We have a rotten governance that’s why the product is so rotten which contaminate all sectors of the society whether its the rich or the poor.

  6. I agree 100M%

    common sense is reserved for the truly really righteous: “HE (THE LORD) grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. HE is a shield to those who walk in integrity” Proverbs 2:7 NLT The Bible

    Thus, by deduction, the yellow trolls do not have common sense because they are not truly honest and they do not walk in integrity.

  7. I love the part where you said the yellow goddesses of the troll republic…..nagmumukha lang silang tanga talaga.

  8. AQno pa ba ang aasahan mo sa pamamalakad ni NOYTARD? Eh di puro kagagauhan,paghihiganti,paninisi,pagpapabaya,daldal at paninigarilyo ang alam lang ggong ABNOY.

  9. Very precise and straight to the point… I am an OFW in the Middle East and this has been going on for quite sometime…but our government said- “isolated case only”…. eh di Wow!