Vehicles crawl along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, the country’s widest highway having 18 lanes. Daily gridlocks such as this continue despite the implementation of the “no window hour” number coding scheme policy by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority that bans certain vehicles from several major roads on particular days. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ


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    1. 18 lanes?
      That is gridlock!
      The government must now use the imminent domain.
      Build more arterial roads, inorder to accomodate the cars and trucks. You can have that 18 lanes for short kilometers span but you need to have those cars flow out of it to avoid gridlock.

    2. Philippines city planners showing off their skills at managing cities.
      Need a University ? Put in on the main road, give permits to local business that have zero parking so the customers park on the road.
      How about putting a couple malls right on the main road that should fix the traffic problems.

      The problem is no one is capable of managing a city in the Philippines.