Company hit over power plant issue


A lawmaker has hit moves by DMCI Power Corporation (DMCIPC) to block the implementation of power plant projects in the town of Tablas in Romblon being undertaken by the Tablas Island Electric Cooperative Inc. (TIELCO) together with the Sunwest Water and Electric Company Inc. (SUWECO).

Rep. Eleandro Jesus “Budoy” Madrona of Romblon has called on the Department of Energy to look into moves to block power projects being undertaken to address the power supply requirements of his province.

The legislator revealed DMCIPC had sent Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla a series of letters against SUWECO after the former lost a bid conducted by TIELCO to work with the electric cooperative on hybrid diesel and hydro plant projects in Tablas.

“They have made one accusation after another, all for the purposes of blocking the projects, even if the people of Tablas suffer as a consequence,” the lawmaker said.

The lawyer-legislator also accused DMCIPC of forum shopping after it filed a case at the Energy Regulatory Commission, complaints he said were “recycled arguments” whose sole purpose was to stop the construction of much-needed power plants in the area.

“I cannot countenance the utter disregard for the lives, welfare and livelihoods of my 200,000 provincemates in Tablas, who should now be enjoying a steady supply of electricity, but are now suffering because of the selfish interests of this company,” Madrona said.


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