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Shopping around for the best auto insurance rates can be tedious and exasperating because it can involve making too many phone calls and meetings with insurance agents. Most people just don’t have the time to look for the best deals when it comes to insurance coverages, and often settle for the most convenient option instead of making an informed decision.

That problem is now a thing of the past with The website gathers all the necessary information from insurance companies operating in the country, and displays all the data side-by-side for buyers to see and compare. has collated the features and coverage information from each insurance company so people can choose the deal that suits their needs instead of making a purchase based on price alone. Moreover, the website highlights the differences between the highest and the lowest quotes.

Through the website, significant savings can be found between the most expensive and least expensive rates. For instance, car owners can save as much as P1,792 for a 2015 Honda City 1.3 A MT, and as much as P3,364.90 for a 2015 Toyota Innova 2.0 E Gas AT simply by comparing premiums from different companies.

Suggesting more ways to save when buying an insurance coverage, Managing Director Jorrit Koop said, “prospective car buyers should carefully evaluate the price breakdown of ‘all in’ packages offered by car dealerships. These typically include chattel mortgage, LTO [Land Transportation Office] registration, and car insurance with the auto loan. Customers often feel pressured to buy the whole package.”

“However, comparing prices with other insurance providers reveals that there are more affordable premiums out there. For example, car dealerships offer a P43,381 annual premium for the Toyota Vios 1.3E MT. But if you compare car insurance premiums on, you’ll spot an annual premium as low as P23,127 for the same car model. This means car owners can save as much as P20,254 if they take time to evaluate car insurance options,” he added.

Koop said seeing options side-by-side allows people to make better decisions about insurance premiums, and eventually they can spend time on things that matter most, with the security of knowing that their cars are well protected.


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