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    PLUS: Social media posts indiscreetly exposes bromance
    Screenwriter Eric Ramos was Cristy Ferminute’s solo in-studio guest last week to promote his latest oeuvre Moonlight Over Baler, which hits the theatres tomorrow.

    Helmed by Gil Portes, the film based on a story which Eric—who used to write for the entertainment section of The Sunday Times Magazine during the ‘80s—penned many years ago, tells about an old maid who lived in the 1940s.

    Its central character, however, is real—being Portes’ spinster-aunt played by Elizabeth Oropesa (who finally got the role after Coney Reyes and Celeste Legaspi had to beg off due to conflict in their schedules).

    “I just enhanced Direk Gil’s story,” said Eric of his eighth work since he began writing screenplays. “How long did I get the work finished? Normally, when I’m in the mood, it takes about two to three weeks.”

    The film—which failed to make it to 2016’s Metro Manila Film Festival—is Eric’s second collaboration with Portes, immediately after Hermano Puli, which top billed Aljur Abrenica.

    Interestingly, Moonlight Over Baler casts Aljur’s younger brother Vin as the soldier who set out to war but never returned for her love.

    Asked as to who’s the better actor for him, Eric echoed our honest assessment, “Vin has more depth.”

    Also, Vignettes would like to believe that between the two—from a network’s perspective—Vin is the type who knows how to look back over his shoulder, one with a deep sense of gratitude.

    Consider these instances which Aljur has unfortunately brought upon himself: his taking to court his exclusivity contract issue against GMA only to withdraw the case when he was down in the dumps; and of late, his heaping the blame on the network for capitalizing on his girlfriend Kylie Padilla’s pregnancy to hype its fantaserye to the hilt.

    One might ask: where has all this taken Aljur, career-wise? Not even as far as Baler, we guess.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? While a junior actor (JA) has already debunked rumors he’s carrying on a “bromance,” a Vignettes source swears there actually exists an “Adam and Steve” affair.

    Reveals our informant: “The name of the guy is Kris, a rich businessman who owns a call center. It’s Kris who lavishes the JA with all-expense trips abroad.”

    How the buzz began floating around, Vignettes believes, is also the JA’s fault, if not his carelessness. Netizens support their hunch on the separate photos of the JA and the non-showbiz male co-traveler taken with the same background and angle and posted on their respective social media accounts.

    “Unless the JA’s intention is to tell the whole world that he’s gay, too, and that he’s proud of his sexuality,” our source quips.

    * * *

    ON CAMERA, this male host (MH) is a Godsend to his fans and supporters alike who troop to the studio in droves.

    But wait, a Vignettes source—who boasts of well-entrenched connections in the MH’s show—says otherwise: “If the fans only knew…”

    Truth is, the MH—before coming out of his dressing room before the start of the program—would dispatch the talent coordinator to check if the hallway to the studio is bystander-free, meaning, not a single studio audience has sneaked into it.

    “Getting mobbed makes him feel at ease, but it’s all right if there are cameras around. But deep within, he resents fans closing in on him,” our source discloses.

    Also, the MH is said to pamper his staff with out-of-the-country, all expense-paid trips during important occasions. Our source, however, snaps back: “What out-of-the-country trips is he talking about? He’d just fly us to a nearby destination, huh!”


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