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    Nifty travel picks to make for highly organized packing

    True-blooded adventurers know that thorough preparation makes up half of an awesome journey. Packing right is key to a trip that is safe and hassle-free. As such, it pays to have convenient travel compartments to store all of one’s essentials so as not to forget anything (everything has its proper place), and more importantly, to save time in getting ready amid the rush of daily tours.

    Espro coffee and tea travel press

    Below are some ideas from travel brand Lewis & Clark in getting as organized as can be on that next trip with the latest travel compartments for various needs.

    Electrolight expandable packing cube

    Organized packing. Travel bags with portions to accommodate specific items make packing much easier with expandable cubes in all sizes possible. It is best to choose material that is made of silnylon, a synthetic fabric that is both water- and stain-resistant, perfect for mobile storage, wrinkle-free clothing and rough adventures. With mesh panels, contents are easily identifiable and properly ventilated.

    Worry-free travel. With identity theft to obtain personal information to the point of breaking into RFID (radio frequency identification) chips in credit cards and modern passports rampant, bags made with TravelDry fabric and built-in RFID blockers are best to have. Store important documents in them without fear of identity theft, with mini-stashes resisting moisture, shrinking, dust and mildew.

    hydrapak stash

    Coffee compartment. Coffeeholics can jet set even far from their own coffee machines. Espro taps into the promising niche of coffee- and tea-loving travelers with portable coffee and tea travel presses to bring along on adventures. This is an award-winning new product that has gained the confidence of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Coffeefest in Chicago.

    Hydrapak for the active adventurer. This is perfect for the most seasoned traveler who knows the need to hydrate while constant motion. Stash, developed by Hydrapak, is a line of collapsible water bottles that allows carriage of liquid with ease and lightness, reducing its size to around one-fifth the filled size, and making it a compact travel companion. From camping trips to mountain hikes to walking tours around the city, this is a cool water gadget that is as fun as it is functional.


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