• Compassion needed in govt service–Marcos


    THE next administration must show compassion in public service, according to Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., saying this would address many of the problems that the country is facing.

    “Our next leaders must be sensitive in understanding the needs of our people by putting themselves in their shoes so that they would be able to respond sincerely, quickly and resolutely. The next administration must be resolute in laying down compassion, the basic rule of public service,” Marcos pointed out.

    He said many of the problems that Filipinos have been experiencing may be traced back to inept officials who have shown little concern to those whom they are supposed to extend public service and good governance.

    “There is apathy in our leaders today, that is why there is a disconnect between what is required to be done and the policies being pursued,” Marcos added.

    The senator cited the “gargantuan” problem bugging the operations of the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) system due not only to “ineptness” of officials of the Department of Transportation and Communications but also to their “lack of empathy” with commuters.

    “The train operations appear to get worse day after day and I see this more beyond the question of competence but in the lack of compassion of those at the helm to the sufferings of our riding public. If only they have compassion, they would do everything in their power to alleviate [the commuters’]situation and extend to them efficient service,” Marcos said.

    He added, “If the MRT 3 was properly maintained and manage, not only would our commuters have a dependable, faster and cheaper ride to their work but traffic flow in Metro Manila will definitely ease.”

    Marcos said other glaring examples of the lack of compassion of government officials include the tanim-bala (bullet-planting) controversy and the underspending of billions of pesos for vital infrastructure projects that would have generated jobs and spurred economic development.

    “Compassion is key to public service, in fact it is the basic attribute of a real leader. I look forward to see this in the next administration to give our people the leadership they so deserve,” he added.


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    1. David M Meyer on

      Well how ironic ; the family and mother showed little of this!

      The father of this compassionate person ; sent thousands of people who opposed him to prison; or death ..Stole billions from the public purse..

      No word of apology.no sign of remorse came from this family .. Do we want to see a repeat of this “Reign of terror ”

      A repeat of the “Let the poor eat cake” approach to the poor. II we do let the Marcos family back in “The concept of we get the politicians we deserve”! Will be played out in full.

      David M Meyer {PhD}