• Complainants turn away CHR probers


    Investigators from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) were once again denied entry to a section of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) compound in Quezon City last Monday by complainants who had sought help from the agency.

    CHR-National Capital Region Special Investigator Jun Nalangan, who led a team of CHR personnel, on Thursday expressed both frustration and confusion over lack of cooperation from expelled INC members Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo-Hemedez.

    Nalangan said Manalo and Hemedez themselves called the agency for assistance but have repeatedly refused to see CHR personnel who seek to verify claims of harassment.

    The CHR, he added, had already made five previous attempts to enter 36 Tandang Sora on Commonwealth Avenue, where the former INC members and their families are staying.

    Manalo and Hemedez have repeatedly claimed that they were being harassed by the INC leadership for exposing irregularities within the religious organization.

    The church has sought the ejectment of the two complainants, accusing them of illegally occupying INC property after losing their INC membership.

    The complainants have disputed INC’s ownership by filing a falsification case on the title to the property but the case has since been dismissed for lack of evidence by the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

    Nalangan denied earlier reports that Manalo and Hemedez were being deprived of food, water and essential supplies.

    The two had alleged that deliveries of basic necessities were being screened and restricted by INC security personnel.


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    1. It’s been clear since day one, Angel and Lottie’s group planned a power grab in the church. When this did not work and their group was punished by expulsion, they threatened the church leadership with destabilization if their demands are not met: 1) put them in positions of their own choosing; 2) their immoral followers be reinstated 3) church leaders who exposed them are to resign. Of course, the church will not buy these, after all, there’s a saying to never negotiate with terrorists, right? And so this group had been tagged as “spiritual terrorists”. But you have to give them credit though, they did go on to their destabilization threat. With the help of corrupt politicians in the yellow party, the corrupt media outlets like ABS CBN, INQ and Rappler, they started the attacks. Character assassinations here and there, on national TV, broadsheet headlines. “Exclusive” interviews by Ces Drilon. Scripted scenes in front of #36 TS all captured by ABS-CBN camera lenses. “Exclusive” press cons where corrupt reporters were always on the front seat while NET 25 are banned. No other than the secretary of justice provided special accommodation for the destabilizers, on national TV interviews announcing that there were “solid evidence” on the complaints. Old INC-haters like catholic extremists and ADD fanatics took advantage of this and hoped for the INC destruction by demonizing INC in every social media posts.

      Any ordinary organization could not survive this kind of attack. But INC is no ordinary, not after 100 years of its existence in the Philippines. Its solid membership knew what was really going on, rejected the spiritual terrorists and went behind its leadership. Angel and Lottie’s group failed to convince the millions of INC members of the lies they spread through the corrupt media. Their barely 100 followers never grew in numbers but are now in fighting against each other while the whole of INC became even more solid and stronger. This was proven by several huge religious and humanitarian activities world wide supported by the members: RECONNECT; Aid for Humanity in Tondo, Capitol, Laguna, etc; 2 Self-sustainable communities for the poor were put up just in the past couple of months; new congregations in India and South Africa were established; hundreds of new Worship buildings were dedicated.

      What else can I say? It’s true, hindsight is always 20-20.

    2. Wala Ng Hiya on

      The arrogance displayed by the INC was because of their solid-votes for Duterte. Duterte should realize that it was not the INC votes that made him win the presidential election. With more than 6 million votes above his rival Roxas, there’s no way that the (assuming) 2 million votes of the INC had put Duterte to be president. For Duterte, please don’t spoil the INC by providing them court or legal flexibilities and appointments to most of the corrupt government agencies. Duterte should stop and fire the arrogant and corrupt INC personnel in government.

      • Thanks for being true to your name” walang hiya!” it is you. How dare you speak of arrogance and being corrupt. INC does not use it’s influence on this cases and issues. You can’t even show any single evidence and you even tag it as corrupt? what is your proof?

      • Last time I checked 95% of public officials are Catholics. How many are corrupt? Perhaps you should direct that call to the bishops and priests.

      • Wala Ng Hiya walahiya ka? wala pa si pres.duterte di nyo na kayang gibain INC . wish lang kaya nyo mga bugok.