• Complaint against Erwin Tulfo


    Dante F.M. Ang
    President And Ceo/Executive Editor The Manila Times

    Dear Mr. Ang:
    Our client Manila Councilor Bernardito C. Ang referred to us a highly libelous article at The Manila Times issue of 24th May 2013 on Dead Shot column titled “Manila councilor milking Chinese couple”. A copy of the issue is hereto attached.

    Our client, his friends and colleagues read the said article. They wonder why a reputable broadsheet allows libelous article published without first verifying the truth, except to destroy his reputation and the institution he represents.

    To set the record straight, two years ago, the woman in the story asked our client for help. He referred the woman to a lawyer, who filed a case for violation of R.A. No. 9262 against her husband. As our client was not a privy on what transpired then, he has no knowledge what happened in the case.

    Last January 2013, the family of the husband went to the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Inc. to seek arbitration. They offered to pay the damages done to the woman. Our client is not a privy to the transaction and mediation that happened between the woman and her husband. Thus, it is unfair and libelous to claim that our client asked money for the help he extended to the woman and to bribe any government officials for One Million and Two Million Pesos. Our client neither demanded nor received any money.

    Our client wonders why is the columnist afraid to positively identify our client in his column, if he is very sure that what he wrote is true or has a semblance of truth. Thus, our client wants to know why he did not first verify the truth and who paid the columnist and how much was paid to besmirch his reputation.

    Likewise, our client will be referring the matter to the legal department of the Manila City Council to study the matter whether a libel case may be filed against the newspaper and the columnist, publisher and editor for besmirching the reputation of a government institution.

    Unless the article is corrected or appropriate measure is done to minimize the damage, our client is also studying the possibility of filing a libel case on his behalf.

    We hope the subject matter will be given your preferential attention.



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