• Complaints vs rogue policemen pouring in


    THE Counter-Intelligence Task Force has been barraged by complaints against misfits in uniforms but so far only two were arrested for allegedly extorting money from motorists, the Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Director General Ronald dela Rosa, disclosed on Monday.

    Dela Rosa, in a news conference, announced the arrest of Senior Police Officer 2 Rodito Magluyan and Police Officer 3 Roel Candelario, both assigned to Station 9 of the Manila Police District.

    The two were collared by their colleagues after they received P500 marked money from a policeman who posed as taxi driver during an entrapment in Malate Manila, on Sunday.

    The two, dela Rosa said, would be included in the group of rogue policemen that would be reassigned to Basilan province in southern Mindanao.

    According to the PNP chief, the number of reported bad egss is increasing and it would be better if these policemen would just leave the police service.

    He said complainants had surfaced because they know that the PNP leadership is serious in weeding out the bad eggs in the police organization.

    Dela Rosa appealed to the media to help the PNP in monitoring and reporting inept, corrupt and undisciplined policemen.

    “[We will never tolerate these members of the force to rejoin the organization. But I am afraid that these rogue policemen would be able to return to the PNP after I retire],” he said.

    Meanwhile, dela Rosa clarified that moonlighting is being allowed in the PNP as long as the jobs are legal and would not lead to conflict of interest.

    If the policeman is off duty and is not consuming government time, he said, that policeman may have a second job as taxi driver or security aide in establishments or for individuals of good moral standing.

    “[Conflict of interest arises when a policeman, for instance, serves as bodyguard of a drug lord or gambling lord],” dela Rosa added.


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    1. During Pnoy’s term you can’t hardly hear of any complaints against scalawags and corruption. Simply because it is being tolerated