A Conch Shell


At a grade school
I saw a lad
Talking about
A conch shell

Clutching it
In his shaky hands
His stiff arms
Refusing to rise.

I don’t need
A conch shell
To show me
The sea.

All I need
Is to cup
My palm
Over my ear.

I don’t need
The mountains
To hear
Bamboos rustling.

All I need
Is to listen
To the silence
Of my lawn.

But heaven
Is something else.
How long
Will it take

For Him
To come?
Some years yet.
How long

Will it take
For man
To build
A viable earth

With Him?
A millennium.
And a few

Centuries more
Of deception
Before the Father
Puts His foot down

To bring it
To earth,
The New Jerusalem.
But I need

Heaven. Now.
Yet it is
In my palm.

It is
In His.


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