‘Cong Biazon’ code name for Jinggoy – Luy


SEN. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada was not only called “Sexy” in the camp of Janet Lim-Napoles, he was also called “Cong. Biazon,” “Anak” and “Kuya,” according to pork barrel scam witness Benhur Luy.

Luy, who testified in the bail hearing of Estrada on Monday, said several codenames were used for Estrada, who was charged with plunder at the Sandiganbayan ‘s Fifth Division in connection with the pork barrel scam.

When asked by Prosecutor Ma. Christina Marallag-Batacan why codenames were used, Luy said they did not want the senator to be identified. The use of codes, he added, was Napoles’ idea.

“There are sensitive transactions. Madam Janet Lim-Napoles is dealing with the government so we need to put code names,” Luy explained.

But Estrada found the names “very ridiculous” and “absurd.”

“Pati ako nagulat e [Even I was surprised],” he said, “Ngayon ko lang din narinig na meron na pala akong code na ‘Anak,’ meron pa akong code na ‘Cong Biazon” [This is the first time I heard that I have a code ‘Anak,’ and ‘Cong. Biazon’ as well].”

An entry in Luy’s records dated March 15, 2005 indicated that money was allegedly delivered to Estrada’s aide Pauline Labayen involving a project of the Department of Agriculture worth a P30 million from which the senator allegedly received P11.97 million under the code name “Cong Biazon.”

Another entry for 2006 showed that Matt Ranillo, identified by Luy as among Estrada’s “middlemen,” allegedly received P4.5 million. Estrada’s code name in that entry was “Anak.”

But the senator maintained that he never transacted with Ranillo.

Justice Undersecretary Jose Justiniano said they knew that “Cong Biazon” referred to Estrada because they asked Luy.

Justiniano is part of the team of lawyers handling the case against Estrada.

Luy said Senators Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Juan Ponce Enrile, who were also charged with plunder, also had codenames.

Luy earlier said Enrile codename was ‘Tanda’ while Revilla’s was “Pogi.”

While he did not deny that he and Napoles were friends, Estrada called Luy a liar for claiming that he called Napoles to ask for a cash advance.

“Talagang sinungaling, from the very start sinungaling [He really is a liar, even from the very start],” Estrada told reporters after the hearing.

“I’m not denying na minsan nagtatawagan kami ni Janet Napoles. Sinabi ko sa inyo from the very start ‘di ko pinagkakaila na kaibigan ko si Janet Napoles [I’m not denying that Napoles and I have been calling each other on the phone. I told you from the very start that I’m not denying that Janet Napoles is my friend],” he added.

Luy had claimed that sometime in 2009 or 2010, Estrada called Napoles and he heard the conversation because it was on speakerphone.


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  1. I think DOJ wanted to twist the case on Ruffy Biazon by throwing everything on Jinggoy. These testimonies of Benhur doesn’t mean anything simply the guy did not give the actual monies to the 3 senators. The excel list in Benhur Luy laptop is nothing but a list he himself made, it does not prove anything. During trial of Al Capone the payola list presented by Elliot Ness did not convict the famous gangster and even the ledger of Chavit did not mean anything. The worst is yet to come when Amlac will present the bank account of Benhur Luy.

  2. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Naging Obispo na rin itong si Luy…Hindi lang gold finger ngayon kundi San Juan na rin.

  3. I do not buy Luy’s statement. Something’s not right here. how could they use same code name for two person? Luy before admitted they had transactions with Cong. Biazon, now, how would they know that at one time the Biazon they refer to is the real Biazon and at one time the Biazon is Jinggoy. I hope we will end up with the real truth, not misleading or decoys to protect those Administration boys. As the Supreme Court would always remind lower courts in receiving testimonies of conspirators turned state witness, “be careful with the kiss of Judas”.

  4. If previously Luy was following instructions of Napoles, now he is following instructions of De Lima. Obvious isnt it?

  5. Now it becomes far fetched. Why use a real person’s name for Estrada. “Cong. Biazon” seems to me to only refer to Congressman Biazon. Using it to refer to Estrada does not make sense.

  6. I wonder how he will explain his friendship with napoles. Its so strange that she has no legitimate legal income & lives a luxurious lifestyle & surely if she was his friend they would talk about business. Now he is a senator & she a business woman so it would be her business she would talk about & im sure estrada would have done some research into her just to find out if she was legit. Just having a half intelligent examiner would get the truth out of estrada & or either of the other 2 senators, & if they didnt get the truth they would glaring show up the lies & distractions they use to try to show their innocence.
    Have any of the senators signed the bank secrecy law waiver yet so their accounts can be looked into, & if not why not. If they are innocent they have nothing to hide, remember corona, he didnt want us to see into his dollar account as he had P180,000,000 in it that he knew he couldnt account for, so wanted to keep it secret. I have no doubts these guys are doing the same thing.They may have accounts in other names & that i dont know how they check out, but im sure there is a way & that others know that way.

  7. Plunder is non bailable,and yet Sandiganbayan doing bail hearing.Stupid justice system we have waste of time and peoples money.AFP takeover and clean up the mess.

    • based on Jurisprudence, an accused may apply for bail and the court may grant such even if the crime charged is supposedly non-bailable if the evidence previously presented is not that strong.