• Congolese sparmate predicts Pacquiao’s KO win

    Manny Pacquiao throws a mock punch to coach Freddie Roach during training. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Manny Pacquiao throws a mock punch to coach Freddie Roach during training. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Manny Pacquiao’s Congolese sparring mate Ghislain Mani Maduma believes that the Filipino ring icon could score a sixth or ninth round knock out victory over American Timothy Bradley in their third fight on April 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    “I think Manny [Pacquiao] is doing great,” Maduma told The Manila Times via online interview. “I think there will be a technical knockout between sixth to ninth round in favor of Manny. I have no doubt in mind that he will beat Bradley for the third time and this time it is going to be a knockout win. He can do it.”

    “Everyday, every run and every sparring session, he is doing better and better everyday,” he said. “Actually, he is pushing us like he is the younger guy in this camp. He is really an unbelievable athlete. I get tired watching him in training, but he never get tired.”

    Pacquiao (57-6-2 record with 38 knockouts) recently had a seven-round sparring session with Maduma (17-2 record with 11 knockouts) and five-round bout with American Lydell Rhodes at Freddie Roach’s Wildcard Gym in California. Team Pacquiao will be leaving California for Las Vegas on April 4.

    “Training with a legend is a blessing for me and it is something that will make me grow as an athlète and also as a man,” said Maduma. “Manny is a great person, being with him day to day makes me realize what it takes to get on top and stay at the top.”

    “His work ethics, his good mood and the way he treats people with kindness is really inspiring to become a better person. I was a fan before I met him but now he is my mentor. I’m also thankful to the people of General Santos such a wonderful time being there for three weeks,” added Maduma.

    Roach and the other trainers claimed in various reports that Pacquiao had already reached his peak with still 14 days to go before fight night.

    Pacquiao lost to Bradley (33-1-1 win-loss-draw record with 13 knockouts) through split decision in 2012. But two years after, Pacquiao recaptured his World Boxing Organization welterweight belt beating Bradley via unanimous decision.

    “Bradley is a very good boxer. I have been following his career for years, but I believe boxing is about skills and Manny has much more skills than Bradley so its very difficult to see Bradley winning this fight,” said Maduma.

    Maduma didn’t make any comment when asked if Bradley’s new trainer Teddy Atlas would make a huge difference in the outcome of the third bout between the two fighters.

    “Based on what I’ve seen in the first two fights, Bradley is a very good boxer but Manny is a great boxer, a legend and that is the difference,” he ended.


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