Congratulations, Cardinal Tagle. Please be more prudent


YOU did good, The Manila Times in publishing last Sunday’s feature about Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. Please allow me to address his Grace through your Letters section.

Congratulations, Archbishop Cardinal Tagle, on your appointment as global head of Caritas International.

I am happy that The Manila Times’ Sunday Magazine featured you as “a force in Catholicism for a long time” in the article by the veteran Catholic news and feature writer John Allen.

I am praying that you remain faithful to your vows as a priest and to our Holy Mother Church.

I am also praying that you learn to be more prudent and cautious in making public pronouncements about political matters.

You did our Church and the Catholic Church’s hierarchy a great disservice when you declared, as a member of the Peace Council, the PR body created by BS Aquino reputedly to study the BBL bill, that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law bill, as written by MILF people–including Malaysian lawyers–was “overwhelmingly acceptable.”

You were selling the BBL bill in an unseemly manner, even if your fellow members of the Peace Council were saying that, yes, the BBL bill is okay but it needs to be improved to take out provisions that are violative of the Philippine Republic’s Constitution.

You need to be more heedful of the Holy Spirit, your Eminence, the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom and Love.

Carlo L. Adan


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