Congress is the Philippines’ biggest criminal syndicate


true indeed, most politicians resorted to vote-buying during election in order to win, but the money they used are the pork barrels they earned from their position. for neophytes they would not hesitate to invest some amount knowing that they could easily get the roi in a short span once elected. but if there’s no such thing as pdaf, only people with sincere desire to serve will run for public position. candidates will not buy votes and people will not expect dole outs from the candidates during election. my point is, its not the people’s fault rather, the candidates. where there is a giver, there will always be a receiver…
Art E,

Few months ago during the local election, the citizens behaved as Santa himself came to their doors.. Money was given by politicians left and right, some locals listed them self in several regions. My neighbor (true-or-false) told me she got 1000 pesos from candidate in Mindanao and 300 pesos from local major office here in south Cebu.
Point is, NOT ONE person declined to accept the “peso for vote” bribe, indicating that no-one understand integrity, honesty, corruption on the grass root level nor care!! Rather they accept this as “normal”. . . as my Pinay wife stated.. “So What”..??

If all these comments posted in the internet be captured and collated into a volume of books and presented to the congress/senate would be more meaningful. These public official don’t even have a time anyway browsing the internet, let alone reading all these comments. It’s like a Bible for example in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 5: Verse 17-19: You shall not murder. Neither shall you commit adultery. Nether shall you steal. Perhaps I would find my comments in Volume 10:105 of the “Book of Litany of Graft and Corruption” which is written: “The Philippine Senate needs a Kumisyon to oversee the Kumisyon who oversee the Commission of the Pork Barrel Kumisyon”. Then a law will be passed to read a verse from the book every time a session in the senate will begin. I am not saying that the usual prayers be taken away like the time of the Corona impeachment, but hoping against all hope per chance our senators will change.


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  1. Real Criminal are not persecuted because they are hiding in Congress and Senate house, the den of the thieves and hoodlums, it’s time to punish the so called., Pirates of the Upper and Lower Chamber. How many Filipinos living in poverty 90 million, How much money Napoles with the help of fake Tongressman and Senatong, amassing tax payers money without conscience. If you give 1 million each to one Filipino family still too much money left for the billion Scam just imagine no poor to be seen.