Congress should summon De Lima’s other alleged lovers



ONE of the most disgusting revelations made by Senator Leila de Lima’s lover, her former driver-bodyguard Ronnie Dayan, in the explosive hearing yesterday by the House of Representatives’ committee on justice was that the former justice secretary cheated on him, and had two other lovers, both of whom were also her security men.

It was because of these other relationships of De Lima, Dayan claimed, that their seven-year torrid affair cooled off and eventually ended in 2015. Dayan claimed that De Lima’s new lover was one Warren Cristobal, a motorcycle-riding security escort assigned to her by the Metro Manila Development Authority. This was actually the same “Warren” that President Rodrigo Duterte himself disclosed last August as the senator’s other lover.

While Dayan didn’t directly name him, the other security man who allegedly also become De Lima’s lover was Joenel Sanchez, a soldier assigned to her by the Presidential Security Group during the previous Aquino administration, according to the prison gang leader and convict Jaybee Sebastian’s testimony last month.

Sebastian even claimed that he saw the two holding hands during a visit to the Bilibid National Penitentiary and that De Lima supposedly called her security aide “sweetie.”

 DE LIMA’S LOVERS: Left, Dayan confirmed; middle, PSG soldier Joenel Sanchez, and right, MMDA security escort Warren Cristobal doing the justice secretary’s “ice bucket challenge.”

DE LIMA’S LOVERS: Left, Dayan confirmed; middle, PSG soldier Joenel Sanchez, and right, MMDA security escort Warren Cristobal doing the justice secretary’s “ice bucket challenge.”

Dayan had indirectly confirmed Sanchez as De Lima’s lover when he claimed that he confronted De Lima for cheating on him, and in anger slapped the justice secretary after he blurted out “Uubusin mo yata kaming mga security mo a.” (A non-literal translation: “Looks like you’ll make all of us your security men your lovers.”)
I am raising this point not for any salacious, tabloidish motive, but to point out that De Lima most probably got money from other drug lords in exchange for her protection, and not only from Kerwin Espinosa.

The other drug lords that have inflicted so much damage to our nation could be uncovered by Congress’ grilling the two other security men, who allegedly became De Lima’s lovers after Dayan.

It is illogical, even impossible, that De Lima extracted money only from Espinosa, who Dayan claimed under oath gave De Lima P8 million in 2014.

I suspect that Dayan fingered only Espinosa, because after all, the drug lord himself had already confessed to being such, either in fear of being liquidated like his father or to avenge him, and had already named him as De Lima’s bagman. He probably was also De Lima’s bagman or collector of her bribe money from other drug lords, not only from Espinosa.

But why would he volunteer that kind of information and finger other drug lords, if nobody else had done so? Why would he increase the number of criminals who want him dead?

When De Lima’s affair with Dayan ended sometime in 2015, according to the security man, who acted as her bagman? It would have been her success in getting her former lover to be her bagman, with Dayan being mum about it, which De Lima logically used as her template for her succeeding collectors.

She most probably thought that a lover could be trusted, because of their sexual and romantic entanglement, to be her bagman. In her mind, perhaps De Lima saw herself as a beautiful alpha-female with whom men—especially those from the lower classes—are putty in her hands, whose emotions she can manipulate that she could trust them to be her collector of dirty money.

Dayan’s replacement as bagman after their falling-out would have been logically either or both of her new lovers cum security men—Joenel Sanchez and Warren Cristobal.

This could be the explanation for the seeming contradiction in the testimonies of Dayan and Espinosa.

Dayan testified that he got the money for De Lima from Espinosa mostly in 2014. Espinosa however testified that he gave the money through “Dayan” to De Lima in 2015, which the justice secretary said she needed for her senatorial election campaign. Dayan said this could not have happened as he and De Lima ended their relationship by 2015, and had already resigned from the justice department.

The explanation would be that while Espinosa did give money for De Lima, through Dayan in 2014, he also gave her funds for her electoral campaign in 2015 through another bagman, who would have been logically Dayan’s replacement not only as collector but as lover. Either Espinosa couldn’t distinguish one bagman from another, a burly dark-skinned man from another. Or maybe he concluded, why would he risk implicating a PSG man nobody has actually accused of being a bagman, another gunman that might go after him in revenge?

Senate has a duty

With all the allegations on De Lima’s immorality, her protection of illegal drug lords, and her corruption in accepting bribe money, the Senate is duty bound to investigate these allegations.

The allegation alone that she told Ronnie Dayan, her former driver-security and lover, to defy a subpoena issued by Congress for him to appear in a hearing is ground enough for her removal, as this constitutes obstructing a legal order from no less than the Congress.

That there isn’t a clear procedure for this is no excuse for not doing anything to penalize a senator who has disgraced the office of the justice secretary and the Senate. A senator can be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the chamber’s members.

This Senate will be a disgrace to our rule of law and our democracy if it doesn’t move to investigate the mounting evidence of crime by one of its members.
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  1. Delima is drunk on power. See how she manipulates everyone including schools, men and women of God. Money talks in secret…as they say – power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. Alejandro Sumalit on

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    The Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) data in the original picture’s image file (“digital negative”) will show, among so many information about the picture, the date and time the picture was taken and maybe the location too since most digital cameras and smartphones have built-in GPS.

    • Alejandro Sumalit on

      This is in reference to the picture of Delima, Espinosa and his wife in Burnham Park, Baguio.

    • I think you are right! I did read in one post that the woman beside De Lima is holding someone behind her maybe a child. Many things can be done in these days and photoshop is one of them. Truth will always prevail whether it is for or against De Lima and I welcome the Ombudsman’s initiative to investigate.

  3. Please stop this trial by publicity, and just file the necessary cases already! So everyone can substantiate their allegations in court, and those who are guilty can be properly penalized, and most importantly, those innocent can go on with their lives quietly. Too much damage has already been done to those innocent persons implicated. For those quick to judge, may you suffer the same fate.

    • I welcome the news of Ombudsman Morales to initiate investigation of De Lima..this will end the drama and more speculations about her so called lovers which put the lustful Congressmen in shame during their House probe..THEY WERE JUST WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY AND DIDN’T EVEN CONNECT DE LIMA AS A DRUG PROTECTOR.

  4. Arturo Buenaventura on

    This is big time boo boo. Maybe her name suggests that she has 5 boyfriends, not just three that were exposed. De 5!

  5. Joshua Schneider on

    I do not know about the Philippines but in the USA we are used to be screwed by our
    politicians. What is the big deal!

    • The big deal is slut shaming a person in public in aid of legislation to uncover if she is a drug lord protector.

  6. Looks could be deceiving! Who would ever thought that D5 would be that horny! Boy a boy what a woman whose appetite for sex in unbelievable!

  7. Maribel Calanda on

    Is De Lima truly dense-face? She demeaned her stature as a woman. There are women who want weaker men for partners so that they can have the authirity over them. Getting one would mean to get a man of lesser stature. She must be truly ashamed of her evil deeds which are many , among them, concubinage, obstruction of justice, protector of drug lords. Now, the Senate should not protect her at all.

  8. Magsitigil kayo. Mga pulubi lamang kayo na nanuod ng libreng teleserye sa kamara. Pagkatapos ng palabas, lalabas kayong masaya at muling maghihintay ng bago at libreng teleserye na may ibang tema at panibagong aktor.

  9. Haha. Bobby Tiglao is right. Just like my thinking, there could be somebody who was assigned to call Espinosa and order Dayan to get the money from Espinosa. Maybe these security escorts were treated as all warm, big bodied males but dumb wits to be manipulated according to her wishes.Trip trip lang. This will connect the dots to solve the inconsistencies of the dates of money deliveries between Espinosa and Dayan. Better call Joneeeeel and Warrreeeenn!, haha.

    • If Kerwin’s testimony is to be believed with inconsistencies of the dates that the pay offs happened in 2015 and 2016 and Dayan’s testimony it happened in 2014 then it can be assumed that maybe Dayan is working on his own initiative to extract money from Espinosa by using the name of De Lima since he was already kicked out as her driver in 2014..

  10. Senate President Koko Pimentel, DO SOMETHING about the messed in your house!!! Start with Joel Villanueva next is De lima, this two doesn’t deserve to be called a senator. Until now you haven’t done anything to this Horrorable idiots, BAKLA KA BA!!!

    • Ombudsman Morales is already initiating the investigation against De Lima you must wait for the outcome since Aguirre will take a long time to file a case against her..The Senate is also waiting for the outcome of this investigation who knows your wish might be granted but there is one thing you can do SUBMIT ANY SOLID PROOF TO PIN DE LIMA TO MAKE THE CASE QUICKER.

  11. Tila hindi ko madilidili ang naging sanhi ng kabuktutan na pag-ibig ng dalawang magkalaguyo, ang talipandas na Ronnie at pagerper na Leila na nagparaos ng makasalanang pagtatalik at labis na kahayukan na nagpulotgata sa dalampasigan ng Pangasinan, kawangki ng isang bubuyug na sinimot ang nektar ng kalachuchi at animoy nalango sa mabalasik na lambanog.

  12. If the good Lady senator
    Leila De Lima would go unpunished for her illicit affair with a married man (or maybe men) … it might cause some women…with similar “FRAILTIES” to follow and satisfy their EARTHLY DESIRES !!!

    • What kind of society are we to punish a woman to have an affair with a married man? Muslim ka ba from Saudi Arabia? De Lima’s fault is her alleged involvement in drug money. that’s what the investigation should be all about. You are the very example of a male chauvenist PIG! What about married men who have affairs with other women? Would you have them punished for their “:illicit affairs”?

  13. Time to stop the circus- it exposes the low level of the Congress: the Emperor has no clothes. And the Jokers posing as journalists (and Tiglao belongs to that ilk) are beyond redemption. “In aid of legislation” becomes the arena of badly scripted accusations in a kangaroo court..

  14. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Women who still flock in the defense of De Lima should slowly detach themselves from her or be counted as one doing the same thing following the dictum- birds of the same feather flock together. There is no longer any escape for De Lima. Not only was she caught through her mouth but also through her CP and preposterous denials. She has disgraced the Senate and her colleagues must do something good to recover from the mess. About time we put things in their proper order and help in making the Philippines great again. God bless the Philippines.

    • vagoneto rieles on

      There is no way that both the Senate and the ‘Batasan’ can sink any lower.
      I followed the Senate enquiry into the ‘Delima-Trillanes-sponsored’ Matobato allegations…which did not end well for Matobato. Except for his sponsors, the whole Senate weighed-in against him.

      I also viewed the ‘Aguirre-sponsored’ hearings at the ‘Batasan’ where convict, after hardened convict put up a show as ‘witnesses’ for the very transparent purpose of shaming, slamming and debasing Delima. It was not a trial to pass judgement on Delima as neither the Senate nor the Batasan has that mandate; but, it might as well have been so, as the poor object of the exercise, who was not present to defend herself, was practically condemned through innuendo and unsupported allegations…by convicts who were unnecessarily provided with legislative immunity. Now, we are treated to yet another legislative hearing…this time by the Senate…where the stars are a self-confessed drug lord, a self-confessed ‘lover-boy-bag-man’; and a bunch of self-confessed killer-cops. And, yet again, the object is the bruised, battered and now totally debased Delima.

      In all likelihood, Senator Delima is guilty as alleged, (though she has yet to be indicted). This is, therefore, not about her. This is about the amorphous and shrouded expedient that a public be diverted away from a substantially larger, but more difficult and more troubling reality; and, be led on to the infinitely less messy and more spectacular ‘roasting’ of a sitting Senator. What is being masked and avoided is the stark reality of a country that has sunk into a bottomless pit of corruption, lawlessness and moral breakdown. What is staring us in the face is the fact that a ‘rough-and-tumble’ provincial Mayor had to be voted in as President so that his harsh and ruthless methods might eliminate the rape, plunder and violence that is being done to the country by no other than the Mayors, Governors, Congressmen, Senators and the Military of the Republic.

      To these Senators, Congressmen, Governors and Mayors…looting the treasury through anomalous programs like the PDAF and DAP in connivance with a racketeering family; and, selling protection to drug traffickers, is no big deal. It is an inherent property of, and totally in character with their office. To the Police and some sectors of the Military, a share of the loot and other forms of illegal lucre that as gained from misappropriation and embezzlement are, as a matter of course, rightfully due them for their indifference…and in many cases, their active participation. These ‘public servants’ are so loathe to lose such a lucrative ‘raison d’etre’ that they have to come up with some entertaining voyeuristic spectacle which they contemptuously know the public will lap up; thereby, ignoring the real problem…Them, Collectively.

      For Shame.

  15. Those investigation hearings in both houses are for show only. Nothing will come up good from them. That house of congress is a place of refuge for criminals from both government and private sectors. We do not have good lawyers and perhaps liars, proof of this, no big time criminals goes to jail. Our nation is composed of thieves and liars, yet, most of these Belials were graduates from well known universities here and from abroad. Our nation needs a total revolution to get rid of them, and so the word “JUSTICE” is not a farce, but a sacred avenue for equality.

    • You are absolutely correct, Koko is hereby called to act accordingly in order to preserve the trust and honors of the Senate.