• Connecting the dots with commas and hyphens



    ONE thing I like about my birthday is that it brings back memories that I can’t remember.

    As they say, money is the root of all evil. Then why do I still have this strange wish to win the lottery?

    The automated election law is definitely good. It is the implementors who make it shady.

    Whenever I see political bickering on the TV screen, I almost wish the “sign on” and “sign off” color bars would come on.

    The problem with observing due process in this country is you have to pay the dues for a favorable process.

    Memories of the past can help to maintain current feelings of self-worth and can contribute to a brighter outlook on the future.

    Infidelity? I like high fidelity better. More tubes, more vinyls.

    I watched the latest marathon hearing at HOR. I found myself switching to a better alternative – Home TV Shopping and swallowed their usual catch phrase, “but wait, there’s more…”

    Mother Nature heals itself. We tenants keep opening new wounds that makes it difficult for her to catch up.

    * * *

    Most of my friends are saying that the estranged marital relationship is not the issue here but the veracity of the alleged “sudden surge” of the accumulated wealth of a public official of an independent agency mandated to be impartial in a constitutional process that it conducts. But we also believe that the burden of proof is with the accuser and not the accused. The courts will have to find out the truth. While some will claim that resignation may be construed as an admission of guilt, at times, it may also help define the word “delicadeza” in preserving the dignity of an institution.

    Extortion in the first degree usually involves threats of bodily harm or physical confinement, while extortion in the second degree applies to threatening to accuse a person of a crime or to expose a secret.

    The specific elements required to prove extortion:

    The general requirements are that the offender maliciously (not mistakenly) make a verbal, written or printed threat with the intent to extort something from the victim or to compel the victim to do something against his or her will. Generally, it is irrelevant whether or not the offender actually succeeds in the attempted extortion. Once the threat is made, the offender has committed extortion.

    source: FreeAdvice.com

    A new definition of karma: “Damn if you do, damn if you did.”

    Questions: How will Andy Bautista respond to his wife’s allegations? How will Ombudsman Morales handle the accusation knowing that Andy Bautista was an appointee of her benefactor? What will BSP and AMLAC do? Interesting times…

    If the Comelec chair is innocent, he should authorize AMLAC to grant any investigating body access or verification of the alleged accounts and properties, including media. Comelec is a constitutional body that should be free of any influence or pressure, political or financial. Dismissing the allegation as purely personal will definitely not clear his name.

    * * *

    (Today) Mr. Duterte explained his insistence on going to Marawi despite the security threats. He said he “wants to boost their [the soldiers’]morale ahead of the few remaining days of the siege.”

    (Before) BSA 3rd: “I am on top of the situation and continuously monitoring events.”

    * * *

    Gary Vasquez is an inventor who never stops thinking of creating new concepts to uplift the living conditions of the populace. From modular houses and cooling systems that bring comfort to residences and commercial establishments, atmospheric solutions to encourage vegetation and enhance agricultural opportunities, he is now developing affordable dwelling units for disaster stricken areas.

    And he makes sure that these houses are easy to assemble, are cheap and can withstand other challenges of Mother Nature. It has been his dream to invent and build anything with the users in mind. Not like other scientists and engineers who want clients to bow to their perceived limitations. We have a lot of inventors like him who are not given the much-needed push and financial assistance from the government to pursue their dreams. Let us support their dreams as their dreams are ours too.

    * * *

    How a church saved us from total collapse:
    This is a post-election analysis of what transpired during 2016 elections. We all know that religious sectors wanted a clean election to elect the ideal tandem for the top posts. The previous Palace dwellers had a formidable machinery to make sure that they will stay retain the keys of the doors. Their target then was Vice President Jojo Binay who was very popular then with the masses. All guns had him on their sights as they knew that the country was starting to choke under “Tuwid na Daan.”

    It was the Iglesia ni Cristo which sensed the danger of muffling the real voice of the people. I am not a member of this congregation but secretly admire their adherence to morals and the rule of law. It was go for broke for the previous administration. Binay had to go. It was INC which saw a mayor in Mindanao that can truly supply the thirst of the electorate to find a leader that can walk the talk. Mayor Digong then was never in the LP’s radar screen. It was Poe, Binay and Miriam that seemed to obstruct their path to power continuity. The INC realized the danger of padding the votes of select candidates to perpetuate the majority’s hold. So, they supported the reluctant mayor to save the country from plunging into the abyss if their sinister plan to cheat was consummated. The groundswell in Duterte’s Luneta crowd was clearly an INC signature. The rest is history. The LPs mistake of making “bawas” from the wrong candidates resulted in pure victory for Mayor Digong. Thanks to INC for their quick and realistic computation of a wholesale plot to rig the forthcoming events.

    And we are reading now in the papers how attempts were made to distort everything.

    * * *

    Quotes to remember this weekend:
    “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”- George Bernard Shaw

    “Don’t be humble. You’re not that great.”- Golda Meir

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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