Connecting with children through PH’s feathered friends

Ana Almazar talks about the Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) with children at Museo Pambata

Ana Almazar talks about the Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) with children at Museo Pambata

Urban birds and the Philippine Eagle were the topics at the Earth Day celebration of Haribon Foundation held at Museo Pambata in April. Haribon spent the day with 18 children from Barangay 843 Pandacan, Manila teaching them about commonly seen urban birds and the features of the great Philippine eagle.

The interactive discussion started with an introductory talk from Noreen Parafina, programs director of Museo Pambata Foundation Inc. She emphasized the importance of the earth and our role in taking care of it.

Author Cza Constantino then talked about ecology and encouraged participants to take care of our environment. They then played “Paint Me a Picture” game where they created pictures of various ecosystems by incorporating themselves in big canvases. They depicted how living and non-living things interrelate and maintain ecological balance.

After learning about ecology, Nikki Almazar discussed the roles of birds in the ecosystem (i.e. food, pollinator, insect control, etc.). Pictures and videos of different urban birds were also shown to let participants appreciate the variety of birds in the Philippines, even in urban areas.

Constantino again led the participants to play a fun activity called the Bird Game where they acted like certain birds and do bird calls, as well jack-en-poy which determined if they can transform themselves from an egg, to a Pipit or Sunbird, then to a Balisara or Philippine Trogon, and finally, to a Haring Ibon or Philippine Eagle.

Almazar took the kids again and led them to the area where the Philippine Eagle is featured and gave some trivia about the country’s national bird.

To give participants a more visual experience, as well as further increase their love and appreciation for birds, the two Haribon ladies brought the children outside of the museum to look for birds. They were first oriented on the things they should observe while doing bird-watching like being quiet and maintaining their distance. Birds spotted were Zebra Dove and Eurasian Tree Sparrow.

Before they went home, the children were reminded to keep birds in their natural habitat, not in cages.

For more information on upcoming learning sessions with children, contact Cza Constantino at, or call 421-1209.


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