Conserve water as weather heats up, MWSS says


As the weather warms up, the Metropolitian Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) reminded homeowners to practice water conservation, offering some easy ways to avoid wasting water.

“Our growing population is putting more pressure on our water supplies,” MWSS said in a statement. “Unfortunately, people use more water at just the time of the year when it is not being replenished as quickly, so practicing conservation is a must.”

As part of its annual reminder about saving water, MWSS offered a number of tips for homeowners and building managers that can help prevent unnecessary water use and waste.

For buildings, keeping the plumbing system in good working condition is probably the best way to prevent excess water use. Installing nozzles on hoses used for cleaning, and flow restrictors on faucets and showers also help to reduce water use without creating an inconvenience for residents.

MWSS also recommended recycling as much water as possible, such as by installing catch basins on downspouts and air conditioning drain lines and using the recovered water for cleaning or watering plants in common areas.

For water that is only used for common areas, MWSS also suggested shutting off the main supply valve during times it is not used, such as at night or weekends. However, the water regulator cautioned that any valve used for water supply for fire fighting should never be closed.

For homeowners, whether living in an apartment or condominium or a house, a few simple tips can save a great deal of water, MWSS said. “Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your hands, and take shorter showers,” MWSS suggested. “Also, practice some simple water recycling, such as saving water from washing fruits and vegetables to water the plants.”

Other tips for homeowners include watering lawns and outdoor plants early in the morning; using a pail instead of a hose to wash the car or the dog, and then using the runoff to clean sidewalks and driveways; collecting rainwater for use in watering plants or cleaning; and opting for rock or mulch ground cover instead of grass or plants to reduce water needs.

The MWSS reminded everyone to immediately report any unabated leaks or pilferage to the water concessionaires (Manila Water for the East Zone, or Maynilad for the West Zone) or to the MWSS Regulatory Office at (02) 925-6619.

“There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you,” MWSS added.


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