The consistency of an inside swing


There are several schools of thoughts when it comes to golf swing methodology. Some are complicated and others are simpler. Altogether, the swing, just the same goes around the body, with various tweaks and manipulations allowing the golf ball to fly straight, or control its flight in a certain manner.

With 52 years of playing experience and 20 years of coaching, I found the most certain way to move the club around the body. Theoretically, I suppose, this type of swing mechanics should work with all golfers of all ages. The swing mechanics will be a bit difficult at first because of its awkward feel. It makes it unnatural because the swinging motion is coming from right to left, or left to right, rather than towards the target. But since human nature dictates that we can adapt, in due time, it would eventually feel natural.

Just to give you a clearer understanding, the swing angle motion is closer to a baseball swing. The hands and arms are closer to the body during the process of swinging. The feeling will give you the image of a U-turn sign on the forward swing.

The exact opposite motion is similar to bowling mechanics, in which the arm moves away from the body, tossing the ball along the target line. The hands and arms will give you the feeling of leading your body parts towards the target.

In golf, the baseball swing that I have referred to is relative to the inside-to straight-inside swing path. The golf club travels in a much shallower swing plane. The feeling of the armpits is connected throughout the entire swing. The left armpit may have a tendency to disconnect on fuller follow-throughs, for right-handed clubs.

Looking at the swing down the line, the left arm crosses the right shoulder on a full back swing, with the hands and club to the right side of the right shoulder. At the end of a full follow-through, the right arm crosses the left shoulder, with the hands and arms to the left of the left shoulder, being the exact opposite of the back swing. As a consequence, the club passes on the same swing plane from backward to forward, making it consistent and constant.

Since the Law of Cause and Effect applies to what the mind thinks and what the body does, then, the concepts and principles stated above will ensure better ball striking abilities.

At address position, do your take-away with your hands, arms and shoulders, without moving your knees and hips, until you reach your maximum. Weight distribution on both feet must be balanced.

The feel of the armpits must be the same during the entire takeaway.

From the assumed takeaway position, rotate the whole body forward together with the club, facing the target if possible. While facing the target, the club, hands, arms, shoulders, hips and knees must assume the same positions, as from where you started at address. The only difference is you have already rotated forward.

Feel an even weight distribution on both feet, without lifting your rear foot while facing the target. Armpits must feel the same as when you started at address.

Take note that from the time you do your address, takeaway and the short forward swing, the distance of the butt end of the grip stays the same.


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