Construction worker who butchered family in Bulacan falls


Suspect high on shabu

THE suspect in the murder of a family in Bulacan this week has been arrested and was presented to the media in Camp Olivas, Pampanga on Thursday, 33 hours after the crimes were committed, a police official said.

Carmelino Ibañez, 26, confessed to killing the mother-in-law, wife, and three children of Dexter Carlos Sr., a security guard, on Tuesday night, claiming he was high on drugs, Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino, Central Luzon police director, said in a news conference.

In a brief statement, Ibañez, a construction worker, said in Filipino that he was a drug addict and did not know what he was doing when he stabbed Auring Dizon, 58; Estrella, 28; and children Donnie, 11; Ella, 7; and Dexter Jr., 1.

Aquino said Ibañez raped Auring and Estrella after killing them.

Ibañez stabbed Dizon 35 times; Estrella, 45; Donnie, 15; Ella, 19; and Dexter, Jr., five times.

He said police were able to recover the knife used in the killing.

Aquino said Ibañez was one of six “persons of interest” that police brought in for questioning but it was the identification of Ibañez by a passer-by at the time of the crime that led to his arrest at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

Quoting Ibañez, Aquino said that on that fateful Tuesday night, the Negros Occidental native was drinking with friends two houses away from the Carlos home at North Ridge in Barangay Sto. Cristo, San Jose del Monte. He said he and his friends scored shabu after.

Ibañez said he was on his way home when he suddenly felt the urge to stop at the Carlos’ house because he heard a voice. He went to the backdoor and found it unlocked. When Ibañez saw Auring, Aquino said he immediately got one of the kitchen knives and stabbed her.

Hearing the commotion, Estrella went down from the two-storey house and saw Ibañez raping her dead mother. When Ibañez saw Estrella, he stabbed and raped her as well. He then went up to the room of the three children and stabbed them dead.

Carlos said he did not know Ibañez personally but recognized him as the brother of a close friend and one of the neighbors who would get water from their pump.

He said he had warned his wife against Ibañez.

VACC condemns ‘massacre’

Anti-crime advocates condemned the murders, expressing concern that similar gruesome incidents could follow if Congress continued to sit on the proposed measure to reinstate the death penalty.

“We condemn in strongest possible terms the massacre of the family in Bulacan. We grieve for the innocent victims. Drugs not only destroy families, it leads to the most terrible and barbaric act of crime committed by man against his own kind,” Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) Chairman Dante Jimenez said on Thursday.

VACC called on Congress to pass the measure that would reinstate the death penalty.



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  1. Palagi na lang binubuhay ang Death penalty law pag may massacre, dapat para matuloy at wag malimutan ng mga kongresman, lagyan ng billboard ang batasan ng mga biktima ng krimen. Yung inquirer kung maka post ng napatay na pusher wagas tapos ngayon di nyo ma headline picture ng mga biktima.

    • Inquirer has a bias towards making the administration look bad. And that toilet paper newspaper is not really exposing what drugs does like this killer in the article.

  2. Mainstream media! wala man lng bang interview kung ano masasabi nila Callamard, Leni lugaw, Villegas, Trillanes at Gascon tungkol dito sa suspect.

  3. One drug addict killing dive innocent victims. Now Mr protektor of human rights, what happened to the human rights of the dead? President DU30 is right, This drug addict are me ace to the population that need to be neutralized . Please pass the death penalty bill.

  4. th the kinds of animals that the CHR & CBCP would like to keep alive because according to them, deep down inside, criminals like this Ibanez fellow are really good people and therefore deserve to given a place every chance to rehab themselves and feed them well … forget the victims, because in the warped minds of CHR & CBCP they are all dead already anyway …