Consumer Reports find Porsche Boxster 2.7 worst sports car to own


E1-Posche-Boxster20150811When it comes to vehicle ownership costs, Toyota sedans remain among the best while the Porsche Boxster, touted to be the most affordable of the marque, was the worst sports car to own also when it comes to vehicle ownership costs, according to Consumer Reports.

The ownership costs took into account depreciation, fuel, loan interest, insurance premiums and sales tax, which can run you thousands of dollars over the years, with some cars nearing $100,000 in a five-year span.

Toyota’s Prius C Two was ranked the best sub-compact with ownership costs pegged at $24,600 over five years, the Toyota Prius Four was ranked the best compact with ownership costs computed at $28,200 over five years while the best mid-sized sedan was the Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE with $31,800 in ownership costs also over five years. Another Toyota sedan, the Avalon Hybrid, was ranked the best large car with ownership costs over five years pegged at $41,400.

When it comes to sports cars, Consumer Reports ranked the Honda Civic Si as the best, with ownership costs of $34,800 while the worst sports car in terms of ownership costs was the Porsche Boxster 2.7, with the five-year figure pegged at $64,200. No other Porsche vehicle made it to the list of vehicles as having the best ownership costs over five years in any of the segments identified by Consumer Reports.

In the luxury sedan category, the Lexus ES 300h topped Consumer Reports with ownership costs during the first five years pegged at $42,000.

Two German vehicles, the BMW 750Li and the Mercedes Benz GL350, had the highest ownership costs over five years, with $106,200 and $78,000, respectively.



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