Consumer’s group alleges Duterte family linked to smuggling


A consumers group on Thursday accused presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, his son and his cohorts of being involved in rice smuggling activities in Davao City.

Duterte is the mayor of the southern Mindanao city.

Perfecto Tagalog of the Coalition of Filipino Consumers said in a news conference that former National Food Authority (NFA) administrator Lito Banayo, Davidson Bangayan alias David Tan and Paolo “Polong” Duterte are conspiring with the Davao mayor in the smuggling of rice and other illegal activities at the Davao Port.

Bangayan is the same rice smuggling “lord” the Senate is currently investigating and who is temporarily out on bail.

Tagalog said Duterte initially insisted that Bangayan or David Tan is a fictitious character who does not exist in Davao City, but when the alleged smuggler was arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in 2014, the mayor changed his tune and admitted that Bangayan existed based on intelligence reports.

Tagalog, who claimed to be a former supporter of the mayor and a member of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), said that the smuggling of other goods such as electronic products, canned goods, luxury vehicles and used clothing is rampant in Davao.

He added that the mayor failed to suppress the illegal activities because his son Polong is allegedly involved.

According to Tagalog, Polong and his wife January — who is the Association of Barangay Chairmen (ABC) president in Davao — are known in the area as the “Lord’’ of smugglers in Davao City.

He showed to the media copies of the reports from the NBI and the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group indicating the involvement of Paolo Duterte and Glen Escandor — son of a military officer and owner of the Royal Mandaya Hotel and the Dasia Security Agency — in big-time smuggling activities.

Pete Laviña, chief of Duterte’s media bureau, denied Tagalog’s claims, insisting that the accusation is another form of black propaganda against the Davao City mayor.

“They should have filed cases long ago. Why raise the issue now?” Laviña said in a text message to reporters.

Just after Tagalog spoke with the media, VACC members led by Rose Roque interrupted the news conference to denounce Tagalog for allegedly using the VACC for political purposes, a charge which Tagalog denied.

VACC members also contradicted Tagalog’s claim that he is a member saying he never belonged to the group.


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  1. For the last 9 years that I am away from the Philippines, I really don’t have the chance to vote in other country that is why I am happy that now I have that chance. But I am really sad that our Presidential candidates is the subject of black propaganda, throwing mud at each other. For me we are entitled to our own opinion, and we need to decide to vote for the one who promise changes for us Filipinos. The one with compassion to the people, the one who is not corrupt, the one who show us how big his heart is, the one who is there to lend his helping hands to those who needs help. The one who never shout to the world that he help. Yes, he commits mistakes, only because he is only human just like us. Like any other Filipinos, I want to vote, because I want changes in our beloved country The Philippines. DUTERTE is my President.

  2. black propaganda coming from a group paid to destroy Pres. Duterte. iyang si bangayan takot iyan magpunta sa davao at during the senate hearing pinagalitan at winarningan ni Pres Duterte na papatayin niya kung mag operate sa davao.

    hoy roxas, binay, at poe wala na ba kayong alam na gawin kung di sirain si duterte.


  3. armando astudillo on

    Smuggler daw ang pamilya ni Duterte at iba pa, tingnan nga natin ang Perfecto Tagalog na ito. Habang nagbubulgar sa isang pagtitipon, napahiya at dali-daling tumalilis. Inako pa na miyembro daw siya ng VACC, e may mga VACC members sa naturang pagtitipon. Hindi pala siya miyembro!. Nagkasigawan. Nasupalpal! magkano kaya ang binayad dito?

  4. Maghanda handa na yang mga yan dahil bilang na ang mga araw ng mga smuggler na yan. Cgurado ako yang mga cosumers na sinasabi nyo, mga smugglers yan, o pakawala ng mga smugglers.

  5. For these past few weeks we have heard a lot of Duterte’s bashings, please give us a break. It is pretty simple that even children would like Duterte to be the president because he is the only President that is capable of leading the country. No matter what dirty tactics you tell even if Duterte were a prostitute still it wouldnt matter, people will still vote for him. Why wouldnt we if his contingents are Binay who is obviously Corrupt, Mar Roxas who doesnr have compassion with people like Yolanda and his recent remarks on “laglag bala” that people should put unto blame, Grace Poe whom I think is the Cory Aquino version 2 who doesnt know anything about presidency. Duterte is the only president who let everyone unite whether if you are a Christian or Muslim, Rich or Poor, living in the Philippines or working abroad, everyone is united because of one common goal. To change and make the Philippines great again. So if I were you set aside and should shut your bashings because change is coming…